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4 Foot High - Island Wine Rack

4ft High VV Stand Alone Island. Double sided Display. Base Unit Dimensions: 40 1/2"W x 24 1/2"D x 55 3/4"H.
This Island Display uses the 4' high VintageView Racks - Installed on the base & with the presentation rack, the island height comes closer to 56".

IDR 4ft Base


IDR 4ft Base

4ft Retail Island Display. Create a unique freestanding wine racking system.

Dimensions: 40 1/2"W x 24 1/2"D x 55 3/4"H

US $736.00

4ft Base + Extension Pack


4ft Base + Extension Pack

Includes a 4ft Island Display Base (above) plus the extension package.
Please note, the pricing is for both sides of the picture even though one side is greyed out.

Dimensions: 79 1/2"W x 24 1/2"D x 55 3/4"H

US $1,396.00

IDR4-EC 4ft Endcap Package


IDR4-EC 4ft Endcap Package

VintageView Island Display Rack - Endcap Package

Each end cap will add approximately 6" to the length of your Island Display.

Dimensions: 24 1/2"W x 5 7/8"D x 48"H

US $184.00

IDR4-X 4ft Base Extension ONLY


IDR4-X 4ft Base Extension ONLY

Expand upon the IDR Base Package or make your extension even longer with an extra extension.

Dimensions: 39"W x 24 1/2"D x 55 3/4"H

US $660.00


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