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Le Cache Wood Wine Cabinets

Le Cache makes premier wine cabinets built from cherry wood. There are several wine storage cabinets to choose from. Storage from 172 to 622 bottles.
Within each model there are usually three color choices.

Credenzas & Upright models are available. If you need to put the unit in your garage or warmer location, check out the LC3100 Storage.

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Le Cache also has a BILD series of melamine faced, unassembled cabinets that are an economical choice for a value conscious wine collector. 

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Wine CellR Cabinets
Wine CellR Cabinets

Wine CellR wine cabinets are practical, cost effective cabinets that are great for catering professionals or the new wine connoisseur. Metal and Stainless Steel.

Built-In or Free-Standing installation.

18 to 194 bottles.

EuroCave Wine Cabinets
EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave wine cabinets offer 1,2,3 and Multi-Temperature cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes and shelving configurations.  

Extreme climate conditions? Many of the EuroCave wine fridge cabinets are able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 35° Celsius.






Cavavin Wine Cabinets
Cavavin Wine Cabinets

Cavavin offers wine rack cabinets in Wild Cherry, Oak, Pine, Stainless Steel and more in a variety of sizes. ALL Majestika units can be Built-In or Stand alone, Dual Temperature, Credenza's and a variety of smaller units. Solid Wood or Stainless Steel exterior range from 80 Bottles and up. Smaller units start at 12 bottles and up.

Check out the affordable Urbania Series - 149/160 bottle capacity. Built-in or Free-Standing AND dual temperature zones available. 

Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)
Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)

Vintage Keeper is the world's most economical wine cooler cabinet. Bottle storage from 110 to 500 bottles. There are four models and two different colors of this wine cooler to choose from. Available in your choice of Black or Mahogany. 

New Series called the Wine KoolR.  

Marvel Wine Cabinets
Marvel Wine Cabinets

Marvel Wine Refrigeration. 

Wine storage cabinets by Marvel are available in Professional, High Efficiency and Standard Efficiency.   

Under counter, built-in or stand-alone wine cabinets.  Stainless Steel and Overlay ready door panels for your cabinetry.   



Danby Wine Coolers
Danby Wine Coolers

The pinnacle of Danby's wine cooler selection is the Silhouette line.
Danby's Silhouette wine coolers are Built-In cabinets meaning front venting with zero clearance required.

Glass doors with stainless steel trim.

Bottle Capacity: 27 to 146 


Perlick Wine Refrigeration
Perlick Wine Refrigeration

Only Perlick offers multi-zone, built in, under-counter wine cabinets in 15", 24" & 48" wide configurations.  Also choose the configuration of your under counter refrigerated cabinet to best accommodate your entertaining needs: (Wine storage, fridge, freezer, or beer keg)

The 24" Signature cabinet is available in two bottle or one bottle (Shallow Depth) 

Also see the commercial 'C' series, 24" wide cabinets that are a bit less expensive than the Signature Series.

Liebherr - Stainless Steel Built In Wine Fridge
Liebherr - Stainless Steel Built In Wine Fridge

German manufacturer Liebherr is a worldwide recognized specialist in wine refrigeration technology. Liebherr wine fridge and wine cellar cooler units offer quality solutions for your wine storage problems and leader in environmentally responsible wine refrigeration

With a variety of wine cabinets to choose from - including built-in, free-standing, indoor, outdoor, beverage center cabinets & Cigar Humidor - you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

Climadiff Wine Cabinets
Climadiff Wine Cabinets

Climadiff wine cabinets are a high quality series of cabinets originating from France. Introducing new sleek ecological designs, these multi-temperature wine cabinets are perfect for the discerning wine connoisseur.   

All of our Climadiff Cabinets come with the Heater Element which allows them to be placed in environments reaching as low as 32F or 0C. 

Bottle Capacity: 150 to 315.

Vinotemp Economy Wine Refrigerators
Vinotemp Economy Wine Refrigerators

Vinotemp Economy Wine Refrigerators are an inexpensive option for larger bottle capacity needs. 

Luan Mahogany Wood Exterior featuring both a pre-finished Dark Wild Cherry Stain and Unfinished Line, these wine refrigerator cabinets are ideal for the budget conscious collector.

Ranging from 80 to 560 bottle capacity

Small Wine Coolers / Wine Fridges
Small Wine Coolers / Wine Fridges

Small wine cooler cabinets.
Countertop, under counter and built-in models of smaller wine fridges.

If you have a need for wine storage in a small space please check out our selection.

Credenza Wine Cabinets
Credenza Wine Cabinets

A number of manufacturers offer a credenza style cabinet.

Click on the links below the heading of each manufacturer to lead to the credenza area of the respective manufacturer.

Howard Miller Wine Furniture
Howard Miller Wine Furniture

Beautifully crafted line of spirits and wine furniture. Howard Miller offers a variety of styles and sizes of wood wine cabinets. Please note these cabinets are not climate controlled.


Howard Miller Wine Bars
Howard Miller Wine Bars

Wine bars and hide a bar cabinets are creative wine storage options for your entertaining room. These wooden wine cabinets are not climate controlled and ship directly from the manufacturer, Howard Miller.

Pre-assembled, insulated wood cabinet regulates proper temp/humidity for long-term aging of Red and White wines.

  • Premium Cherry Wood Exterior
  • Hardwood cherry door(s)
  • Beautiful hand rubbed finish
  • Cellar Pro 1800-QT cooling unit is standard
  • Digital temperature control with a heads up display
  • Temperature range from 48 to 63 degrees
  • Double-paned Glass
  • UV tinting
  • Interlock solid cherry wood racking
  • Universal Racking 3 11/16" opening - fits standard and some oversize 750mL bottles. Pigeon holes are open so the bottle can protrude to top, bottom and sides of the assigned space.
  • Low-Heat Fluorescent Light - Included
  • Security Lock(s) - Included
  • Foil/Foam sandwiched Proprietary insulation
  • Steel refrigerator hinges. You won't see the hinges unless you're looking for them.
  • Zero set Back required from the wall
  • 1" required on each side to allow for opening of door. 18" needed on top of contemporary cabinets, 13" for the Euro Series.
  • Plugs into standard household outlet
  • Two & Five-year limited warranty

High-Quality Materials and Workmanship

Le Cache wine cabinets are constructed from the finest wood, glass and insulation materials. Cherry wood is used for the exterior, with hardwood cherry doors, double-pane tinted glass windows, 1 1/2" foil-backed expanded polyurethane insulation and sealed seams throughout the cabinet.

Not Quite a built in Cabinet...

With Le Cache's unique SB/O™ Technology (Zero Set Back) there is 0 clearance required behind the unit. So the cabinet can go right against the wall. 18"(Contemporary) OR 13"(Euro)of unobstructed clearance is required above the cabinet. 1" is required on the sides of the cabinet to allow the doors to open if built into cabinetry and flush with the front cabinets. The side clearance is only required for the door and not for the cabinet itself. If building it in then you may need to look at purchasing some kind of thermostat-controlled exhaust system to evacuate the hot air above the wine cabinet when it exceeds a preset temperature. But ... this is such a beautiful cabinet, you wouldn't want to build it in!

What if you don't have the required 13" or 18" clearance available on top of the cabinet? The cabinet can be modified prior to shipping so the air intake will pull from the back or the cabinet, as opposed to above. Please note: in this case, you can no longer place cabinet flush to the wall, you will require 3-4" clearance at the back of the unit AND still need 8-9" above the unit. You need to specify this modification at time of ordering, as standard units are sent "hot air up" to allow for zero clearance at the back. There is no upcharge for this modification.

Please note that the "credenza" has a rear vent exhaust and therefore needs at least a 3" clearance at the back.


SB/O™ Technology & CellarPro

Le Cache's upright wine cabinets have been re-engineered with SB/O™ Technology so that, together with the top-vent cooling system, the back of the wine cabinets can be placed right up against the wall. (You'll still need 18 inches of clearance above the cabinet!)

All Le Cache wine cabinets are equipped with a CellarPro QT


1800-QT Super quiet operation, designed for cabinets to be placed indoors in residential applications.
1800-XT - Extra cooling power, designed for larger cabinets and/or warmer environments and/or commercial applications.
1800-XTS - MOST powerful - more $.
1800-QTL - Quietest, not as powerful


  • Custom Black Finish on cooling unit to blend into the interior of the cabinet
  • Digital Temperature display. Large, easy to read
  • 1800 BTU's, 115V, 3 amps
  • Top venting exhaust so zero set back from the wall required
  • Optional Upgrade to CellarPro 1800- XT, 1800-XTS or 1800QTL
Please note - If the Le Cache cabinet will be placed in a restaurant, commercial environment or hotter locales then customer needs to upgrade to a CellarPro 1800-XT Model cooling unit, or cooling unit warranty will be void.



Dual-zone (two temperature zone) modification available for the larger Le Cache wine cabinets.   






Sample of Provincial & Classic Finish on a Contemporary Cabinet

Provincial is a medium brown finish. The side by side comparison above shows a fairly close interpretation of the product. The Provincial is browner & darker than many of our on-line samples represent.
Classic has more of a reddish finish on Cherry.
Chocolate is a more opaque chocolate finish but still allowing you to see the deep richness of the wood.

The color samples on this web site as displayed above are meant to be a representation of the
Le Cache finishes. Individual computer video settings may skew the color representation.

As these cabinets are solid wood, you will see the natural grain associated with cherry, the pictures do not really show the true beauty of the cabinets. Standard Shipping Terms & further detailed shipping information about stairs and specific placement in your home.

It means it is available as a STOCK ITEM and will be prepared by Le Cache for shipping within 3-5 days within order. However, upon leaving the factory, the delivery company needs time to deliver the cabinet usually a 3-4 week timeline is the norm. While other dealers may actively promote 3-5 day shipping that is not a realistic timeline for you to actually receive the cabinet.

The base and crown for the Euro Series are shipped in a separate box and installed once the cabinet is positioned in place. If space/maneuvering restrictions are a concern, you should use the size of the Contemporary equivalent to estimate space needed as the crown/base will be added once the cabinet has reached its intended destination.


BILD Wine Cabinets - Offers the Cellar Pro cooling unit within these economical "you build" cabinets.  BILD are melamine exterior finish with choice of color. 



Le Cache Wine Cabinets are readily available for shipment to destinations in the USA, Canada and internationally.


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