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Peg System - Wine Racks

Modern styling of wine racks show necks of bottle; allowing the bottles to appear as if floating. 

While a bit more expensive than we'd like, this racking system offers a contemporary look and is sold with or without various backings. 

The peg system needs to be mounted with access to the back of the peg.  Boards often used include wood, acrylic, stainless steel or colored aluminum.  Back lighting is also often used with this system. 


Wine Wall - Peg System (XY)


Wine Wall - Peg System (XY)

Set of pegs for 12 bottles  (24 pegs)  

0.5” rods in Brushed aluminum
(black or white available upon request)  

WW12 - also referred to as XY hardware

US $120.00

Vino Pins - Peg System


Vino Pins - Peg System

Set of 2 pegs, can store 1 bottle of wine 

(Single deep - but extensions can be added for three bottle deep)

US $15.00

Vino Rails - Wine Peg System


Vino Rails - Wine Peg System

Set of 2 pegs, can store 1 bottle of wine - perpendicular to the wall

US $15.00

Nek Rite - Peg System


Nek Rite - Peg System

Label forward wine pegs
Price indicated is for 12 Bottle set

Available in 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep.  

Material: solid 0.75? aluminum rod with rubber 'o'rings'
Brushed aluminum finish is standard


US $190.00

Beta Bloc - Peg System


Beta Bloc - Peg System

Set of 13 Large Pegs
One Large Peg can be shared to hold Two Bottles

One set holds up to 12 wine bottles depending on the configuration.

US $156.00

Cradle - Wine Peg System


Cradle - Wine Peg System

The cradle holds both the neck and the punt in unique twisted metal cradle.

Price indicated is for a set of 6 cradles

US $52.00

Port - Wine Peg System


Port - Wine Peg System

Wine bottles appear to float in the air by being held by neck end.

Rubber rings within the port hold the bottles secure.

Price indicated is for set of 6 ports.

US $64.00

XL - Large Peg System


XL - Large Peg System

Chunkier Metal Pegs

Sold as set of 2

1” by 9” pegs with rubber rings.

Wider pegs can be used so one peg can support bottles on either side. 

Brushed Aluminum 

US $22.00

Max Reveal - Wine Peg System


Max Reveal - Wine Peg System

Label display on an angle. 

Price indicated per single cradle

Black or Silver Finish

US $11.00

Saddle - Wine Peg System


Saddle - Wine Peg System

Wine saddle with rounded sides to cradle bottles.  

Earthquake resistant, but no guarantees!

Price per piece indicated.

US $25.00

Mesh - Peg Style


Mesh - Peg Style

Metal Chain mesh wine bottle cradle. 

Hangs onto special peg system. 

US $55.00

XY Pegs Kit with Backer


XY Pegs Kit with Backer

11 ¼” x 11 ¼” panels with 3/8” rods.
An inexpensive solution for the DIY customer.

Mounting Board included. 

XY pegs with mounting board

US $162.00


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