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Wine Guardian Cooling Units

Wine Guardian offers wall mounted or ducted wine cellar cooling units as well as through the wall and split system cooling units meeting the needs of a variety of wine cellars both commercial and residential. Wine Guardian offers a complete wine cellar climate control systems that can supply cooling, heating and humidity.

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Koolspace KoolR Wine Cellar Cooling Units
Koolspace KoolR Wine Cellar Cooling Units

KoolR wine cellar cooling units by Koolspace are "Through the Wall" wall mounted cooling units for interior applications. These wine cellar cooler units are very quiet and are available in two models to choose from with very reasonable prices.  KoolR up to 300 cubic Feet and KoolRPlus up to 600 cubic Feet and are Ideally installed above a door.  (Please note the x2 models are just two of the respective models) 

Cellar Pro Wine Cellar Cooling
Cellar Pro Wine Cellar Cooling

Cellar Pro, best known for being the cooling power within the Le Cache cabinets now has a full line of wine cellar cooling units. "Through the wall" units available for cabinet applications and more powerful units are available for larger wine cellar rooms.  Cellar Pro cooling units are able to cool in extreme temperatures (+110 degrees for VSX), have outstanding humidity control (65% RH) and super-quiet operation.

The Mid Size wine cellar cooling series can now be completely ducted when our front duct kit is combined with one of our rear duct kits!

Through the Wall Systems  are for up to 1500 cubic feet and Split Systems also available for spaces up to 2000 cubic feet.

Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Units
Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Breezaire wall mounted wine cellar cooling units can vent interior or exterior. Manual or electronic controls, and room size up to 2000 cubic feet. No WALL MOUNTING AVAILABLE? The Breezaire split systems will work with spaces up to 1000 cubic feet.

ONAM Water Cooled Wine Refrigeration System
ONAM Water Cooled Wine Refrigeration System

ONAM water cooled wine cellar cooling systems are completely self-contained. They can be placed free-standing in the wine cellar or in an area adjacent and vented to the cellar via insulated ductwork. It does not disperse heat into the air surrounding the unit but rather pumps the heat from a water supply. For wine cellars up to 2000 cubic feet

WhisperKOOL - Vinotheque Wine Coolers
WhisperKOOL - Vinotheque Wine Coolers

WhisperKOOL wine cellar coolers and wine cellar cooling systems are available in both wall mounted cooling units and split cooling systems. A variety of models designed for cooling up to 2000 cubic feet.

NO WALL MOUNTING AVAILABLE? The WhisperKOOL split systems will work with spaces up to 1750 cubic feet. Also, the SC & Extreme both have ducting options.

EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS? The Extreme Series will handle temperature from 32° F to 100° F. The Split System will also handle more extreme temperatures. 

CellarCOOL - Through the Wall Cellar Cooling
CellarCOOL - Through the Wall Cellar Cooling

CellarCool CX offers a lower cost "through the wall" wine cellar cooler unit for wine cellars up to 2000 cubic feet

EuroCave INOA Wine Cellar Cooling
EuroCave INOA Wine Cellar Cooling

The principle of EuroCave wine cellar cooling units is to transform any type of room into a real wine cellar.
Temperature control, optimal humidity levels, air circulation; EuroCave cooling units recreate the conditions which are essential for optimally conserving your wine.

Two units available cooling up to 1800 cubic feet. 

Small Cellars, Closets or Wine Cabinet Coolers
Small Cellars, Closets or Wine Cabinet Coolers

These wine cellar cooling units are specifically designed to be installed in smaller spaces. Our selection of small wine coolers are perfect for a closet, small cellars or wine cabinets. These compact wine cooler units may blow the COOL AIR DOWN or TO THE SIDE which may be needed in tight spaces.

Compact Wine Refrigeration

Wine Cellar Humidifiers
Wine Cellar Humidifiers

If you need to increase the humidity in your cellar, take a look at our stand alone wine cellar humidifiers.

Please note, many manufacturers will void the wine cooling unit warranty if separate wine humidifier is introduced to the cellar. Please use with caution.

Wine Guardian Cooling Units

Wine Guardian ® is a full service vendor offers system that integrate cooling, heating as well as a variety of different options like: humidification, filtration, ducting, internal safety devices and low ambient control.

It is the only system capable of multiple installation configurations: through-the-wall (flush, fully recessed or semi-recessed); indoor; remote mount and outdoor (ductable systems).

The ductable Wine Guardian is the only system capable of ducting on both the evaporator and condenser side. Our Through-the-Wall version ducts on the condenser side.

Ducted vs. Through The Wall - What's the difference


Ideal for installations in which it is not desired to see a mechanical unit in the wine cellar or none of the adjacent rooms are suitable for a through the wall unit
- Integrated Remote Interface Controller comes standard - Requires an HVAC contractor to install
Water-cooled option Allows the cooling unit to be placed in a confined space

Through The Wall

- The cooling unit is physically installed through the wall of the wine cellar with the back end exposed to adjacent room.
- Cold air is pumped into the wine cellar while warm air is drawn out and dumped into an adjacent room

Features and Benefits of Wine Guardian Systems

Not all Features/Options available on all units.

Advantages of external ducting
Standard with Ducted system, optional on the Through the Wall.

- Lower sound levels
- Virtually no vibration in the cellar
- Better air distribution and temperature control
- Flexibility of where to locate the unit
- Ability to exhaust the excess heat and/or recapture and redirect for energy conservation
- Greater flexibility in cellar design
- Easier to service

Class leading impeller style fans that are powered and oversized
- Higher pressure capability for all external ducts on both cooling and heat exhaust sides
- Higher airflow capacities improves temperature and humidification control. More air change over per hour and better distribution of temperature throughout the cellar

Greater installation flexibility and ease at lower installed cost
One of the Wine Guardian solutions may work for your application.

- Only cooling systems capable of being located inside, through-the-wall, outside or remote from the cellar-surface mounted, recessed, semi-recessed or ducted
- Hang from ceiling, sit on floor, platform or shelf, or wall mount
- Multiple discharge (supply) duct connections on both cool and warm air exhaust side
- Totally self-contained. No need to run refrigerant piping or install separate condensing unit.
- Requires only one electrical power connection.
- Reliable alternative to large, expensive split systems
- Remote thermostat and humidistat with 25 feet of wiring for better control options

Professional quality
- Built to highest safety standards (Underwriters' Laboratory) and certified by Environmental Testing Laboratories/Canadian Standards Association
-  Ductable systems are furnished with a Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) to automatically control the flow of refrigerant to the cooling coil in direct response to the load. * Sight glass and low pressure limit switches not available on Through-the-Wall systems
- Standard feature of on/auto for fan control allows choice of running the fan all the time, (often selected to help maintain a desired leveled temperature in the wine cellar), or an ON/OFF cycle asking the fan to turn on only as needed
- Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-134a
- Electronic remote thermostat and humidistat
- Automatic low pressure safety switch
- Manual reset high limit safety switch
- Made in the USA
- 24/7 hot-line for information and assistance

Modular design
- Use two systems instead of one in critical applications or where loads are very high at certain times of the year but where only one system is needed most of the time
- Allows backup in case one system is out of service

More sizes, capacities, built-in options and accessories to choose from
- Nominal 1/4 ton to 2 ton, 250 cfm to 750 cfm, 3 300 BTU to 16 200 BTU
- Low ambient control allows the unit to be installed in a garage or outside under cover where temperatures may be too cold for standard application. Condenser fan cycles to automatically control the head pressure and a heater maintains the oil temperature in the compressor.
- Five (5) year extended compressor warranty available.
- Optional Humidifier with electronic humidistat. Connected to 24v control system. Requires external water and drain. Either Integrated or Stand-alone models.
- Heating coil works automatically with the cooling to prevent simultaneous operation. Factory installed, no field installation required.
- Through-the-Wall systems include Easy Mount ™ installation sleeve to facilitate through-wall placement
- Optional duct collars and flexible ducts to connect Wine Guardian to cellar. Sized to match capacity and outlets of each Wine Guardian size. Collars connect to the Wine Guardian unit and to the grilles; no need for additional wall grilles.
- Optional condensate pump where gravity drains are not available
- Optional water-cooled condenser model on ductable systems rejects the heat output into the water instead of the surrounding air. Eliminates the condenser fan. Ideal application is for make-up water to swimming pool.

For Wine Cooling Units that offer options of cooling, heating and humidity control, our Wine Guardian Cooling systems are the perfect choice. Whether you are in need of a ducted, wall mounted, through the wall or split wine cooling system, you will most certainly find a model that will suit the needs of your cellar space. From a ¼ to a 2 ton unit, we offer a range of Wine Guardian cooling units capable of cooling cellars from 400 to 8,500 cubic feet.

In order to personalize your wine cooling unit and allow it to function to its optimal extent, we also offer a variety of options that can be selected upon ordering your cellar cooling unit. Atomizing Humidifiers, Remote Interface Controllers and Duct Kits are only a few of the many options we hold available.


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