6 Things You Didn’t Know About EuroCave Wine Cabinets

6 Things You Didn’t Know About EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave LogoStoring your wine properly now will allow you to fully enjoy your wine in the future. One of the easiest ways to ensure superb wine storage is to use a wine refrigerator. Rosehill Wine Cellars presents a highlight of one of our favorite wine cabinet brands: EuroCave.

EuroCaveCompany History:

Operating since 1976, EuroCave has earned its international renown for quality wine preservation systems. Represented by a network of specialists in more than 70 countries, EuroCave is the world leader in terms of the distribution of wine preservation and service solutions.

The EuroCave Difference:

What ALL EuroCave Cabinets offer:

  • Exclusive “Twin Process” thermal regulation system (constant temperature between 10 and 14°C, reproducing the conditions of the best natural cellars)
  • Extreme climate conditions? Many of the EuroCave cabinets are able to withstand temperatures from 0-35 C EuroCave (32F – 95F). This is ideal if you would like to place your wine cabinet in a garage
  • Storage capacity bigger than other average standard wine cabinets available on the market, for almost the equivalent floor space
  • Walls containing 5cm thick CQI insulator (Cellular Quality Insulation) equivalent to almost 2 meters of natural earth
  • Natural ventilation with a charcoal filter
  • “Vibration Exclusion System” (VES), a powerful anti-vibration system

Product Lineup:

EuroCave wine cabinets come in TRUE 1, 2, 3 and Multi-Temperature cabinets. A variety of sizes are available, with optional sliding shelves and presentation shelves.


EuroCave V292PVNeoFresh/92 RangeEuroCave’s newest and most innovative technology! NeoFresh technology manages the production of cold air providing the advantage of: improved temperature stability with dual zones, no need for humidity modifications, and reduced energy consumption and noise level.
EuroCave LaPetitieLa Petite La Petite is the first service cabinet that also lets you preserve 2 uncorked bottles of wine for up to 10 days. It is simple to use, attractive, and technologically innovative. A delight for lovers of fine wine with a concern for space.
EuroCave ClassicClassicThe Classic range offers the very best in technology; rigorous temperature and humidity control, alarms, smart control panel, and more.

  • 1-Temperature cabinets are the ideal solution for maturing wine. They recreate a natural deep cellar and guarantee a constant temperature between 10 and 14 C.
  • 2-Temperature cabinets have 2 distinct temperature zones: one for maturing wine (10-14C, 50F-57F), and the other for chilling wine to bring it to serving temperature (6-10C, 42F-50F).
  • 3-temperature cabinets have 3 distinct temperature zones: one for maturing wine, one for chilling, and a compartment at room temperature.
EuroCave OrigineOrigineThe Origine 1-temperature wine maturing cabinet is the first wine cabinet with remote temperature control. It combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of use for wine lovers everywhere.
EuroCave Compact Compact/Built-InThe Compact range wine cabinets are designed to answer space problems. They can also be fitted into a kitchen plan. Available in 1-temperature or multi-temperature variations.

For additional product overviews, check out the EuroCave section of our website.

24 thoughts on “6 Things You Didn’t Know About EuroCave Wine Cabinets”

  • I’ve had a Eurocave cabinet for six years. A fault with the refrigeration system caused the cabinet to overheat. Eurocav informs me that this can not be repaired since there is a refrigerant leak within the cabinet walls. I’ve never moved the cabinet since it was installed by Eurocave. The cabinet cost 2,400 euros and is installed at my holiday home in France in the middle of the southern Cote du Rhone wine area. If you can’t get service there what chance has the rest of the world?

    Buyer beware

    • Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your EuroCave. If
      you wanted to privately send me your contact information I will
      certainly pass along your comments to EuroCave directly. Please note
      that EuroCave has amongst the strongest warranty in the industry – the
      warranty offered in our trading area is a full 5 years on the
      compressor. We have never heard of such an issue involving the
      refrigerant and rarely have had service issues with our EuroCave

  • I quote a letter that I have received from EuroCave below. From this you can see that:

    • An internal leak appears to be sufficiently frequent that EuroCave have a policy regarding what they consider to be an acceptable replacement offer.
    • Prior correspondence from EuroCave have stated that the leak is irreparable. The suggestion that at repair is possible but would cost more than a new unit is new.
    • The reference to a missing “Choc” remains unexplained. I’m an engineer and can see nothing amiss and the unit has not been touched or moved since the original delivery by EuroCave.
    • They think that I should be “happy” with six years of life. Based on the 1% depreciation per month criteria cited, the calculated anticipated cabinet life is 8.5 years.
    • The replacement offer ignores the additional charge that they wish to make for delivery. Comparing the original cost of the delivered unit with the cost of a replacement delivered unit the replacement charge is in excess of 60%.

    The 17th of Decernber 2010

    Re: Internal leak on unit no 298004
    Our ref: SAV 140407-MATCHETT

    Dear Mr Matchett,

    We acknowledge good receipt of your last message on our after sales email
    address regarding your unit 8264 no 298004 which presents a leak on
    evaporator coil.

    We perfectly understand your feeling. Nevertheless, your wine cellar gave you
    more than 6 years satisfaction and as we told you previously, we, EuroCave
    Compary, accepted to take into consideration your request and applied oll your
    unit the warranty conditions we do apply for cellars that present internal leak
    without taking into account of a possible chock on the back panel.

    Moreover, we would like to emphasize on the fact that evaporator coil on all
    EuroCave models is located in the insulation foam of the back panel for ages
    and have been designed like this to get a better production of cold in the unit in
    older to preserve and store wines in the best conditions. It is not a design
    deficiency but a real engineering design that make the good reputation of

    Nevertheless, EtroCave propose to his customers, in case of internal leak, 50%
    discount on a new cellar (instead of service repair which will be more
    expensive consider several hours to do the job) for a defective unit bought
    Within 8 years. None of our competitor will propose you such replacement
    conditions as EuroCave do (NB: in retailing market the discount allowed is l%
    per month of use).

    Consequently, we cannot give a favourable issue to your request. The price our
    Distibutor in Marseille offers you cannot be reviewed.

    Christophe Chapet
    After Sales Manager”

  • We have a Eurocave Confort Vieillitheque we have had for over 10 years. It was a gift to my husband. Never had a problem until recently it just stopped refrigeration and makes a metallic/electric spark clicking sound (best explains it). The light on the refrigeration symbol “snow flake” symbol is green but when we test the “sun” symbol shows a red light.
    My husband loves this unit and is distraught that it has stopped working. We live in NYC is there any Eurocave repair service here that can fix this unit?

    • Not heard of that issue before. You may want to try the originating dealer for list of local agents. Eurocave has restricted trading areas so we are unfamiliar with your area. If the originating dealer is unknown, try Wine Enthusiast, they are the largest Euro Cave dealer throughout the US.

  • We bought a Euro Cave V266 wine cabinet 3 years ago. Just in the last couple of months it has started to emit a loud vibration when the compressor starts up, any idea why this would be happening?

  • Hi Leslie,

    Please have a EuroCave recommended local technician take a look at it.

    Issues with the EuroCave brand of cabinets are extremely rare – but a local EuroCave dealer will be able to help you get the proper service people to trouble shoot and fix the issue.

    If you bought the unit from us please contact us directly via our website http://www.RosehillWineCellars.com and we can make some recommendations for service.

  • I have a 3 temperature e183. Once again I have ice buildup on the lower back wall. This happened a year ago too. I called Wine Enthusiast where I bought it. They told me to unplug it and let the ice melt. I’m going to do that again. But why should this be happening? I’m upset especially since I just bought a second cellar (premiere M that was delivered last week. In rearranging the wines today, we noticed the ice again. Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Barbara Goldman

  • Hi Barbara,

    Frost at the bottom of the back wall is normal, but a block of ice isn’t…
    When you have a case of ice build-up it is generally caused by :

    *Bottles touching the back wall and preventing a proper air circulation.
    * The unit is ‘breathing’ warm air. You have to eliminate all heat sources around the unit. Close heating vents or heaters, sun hitting the unit directly, warming floors…
    * Check the seal of the door by attempting to insert a cardboard business card, if there is no resistance the rubber seal may need replacement.
    * Make sure the carbon filter is present, if it is not in place it will leave a hole in the back wall that will let ambient air penetrate.
    * Verify the temperature setting, a unit set at 8 in a room that measures 23 will surely condensate a little more than a unit set at 12 in a room that’s 20 degrees. We tend to heat homes in winter warmer than we condition them in the summer, so this is something that can happen this season.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi Kristi,

    Unfortunately, due to restricted selling zones we are unable to sell into the Florida area. Try Wine Enthusiast they are the largest EuroCave dealer in the US they may be able to help.

  • Hi Andy Chan,

    Thank you for your message. We suggest that you contact the company where you purchased the product or directly contact the manufacturer about this issue because we aren’t familiar with the model you’ve indicated.


  • ARE UNIT A Eurocave Vieillitheque Wine Cabinet V283

    • Hello Amjad

      To a certain extent, the EuroCave cabinets are designed to create additional moister on their internal panels and to pool that “created” moister in the bottom of the cabinet to help with humidity retention. That is why it is always important to make sure the bottoms of the wine bottles are never touching the rear wall of the EuroCave cabinet when the selves are in the fully closed position.

      If the excess moister is creating humidity levels higher than 85% inside the cabinet, it would be wise to contact your local EuroCave representative and request a service call. A technician may be required to ensure everything is functioning correctly in your specific climate.

  • I have a EuroCave since circa 2002, shortly after purchase the motor needed to be replaced by Wine Enthusiast, but since that it has been wonderful, now 15 years.
    The other week , my son and I were moving some wine around from one smaller fridge to the EC and noticed a rather sizeable piece of ice lodged against the rear wall of the chilling box. We also noticed that someone had opened the chilling box glass cover and left it in that position. could have been weeks if not months. My son thought that as result the compressor might have been working a bit too hard as we have a 3 temperature EC and that may be the reason for the ice formation. We took a hair dryer and removed less than half of the ice as it flowed down what appeared to be an internal system . Before I go any further, is this normal? Should I continue to remove the ice in the chiller box? The machine seems to be working great and now I’m getting concerned that this in fact may be the way it was intended ? Please advise . Thanks so much, Ralph

    • About the ice built up, it is definitly caused by the compressor overworking. Make sure if it hasn’t been done yet to remove the wine form the cabinet. The 1st thing is to get that ice melted but sponge it out as much as possible because that much ice water might overflow from the plastic bin in the back and spill on the floor. Once all the ice is melted and panels wiped with a sponge or paper towels the cabinet can be restarted. I would fill it out at least 50%, spread thoughout evenly with water bottles, soft drinks, Perrier or other bottled liquids before putting back the wine in the cabinet. Let it run for a few days at your set temperatures and see if it maintains it and if ice still builds up or not. If all checks out, then you can put back your wine.

      If it comes back, before calling in a technician, check the rubber door gasket with a credit card. With the door closed, try to insert the card between the gasket and box of the cabinet, it shoud not be easy to insert. If it is then gasket needs to be changed. Anything else would need a qualified technician to fix issue.

  • I have a v264 circa 2004 that has been running great until now. Appears the compressor is not functioning. Sone things flash on startup but no error codes while running and I can set the temp. Text button lights both light up. New compressor? Even available?

    • The compressor not starting could be a blown relay or compressor itself considering the age. The control panel flashing is either loose wiring or it needs to be replaced and is a probable cause for the compressor not starting as it is giving the command to it to start or stop. In any case, you can see that they are a several possibilities and we suggest you have a local technician diagnose.

  • We don’t sell the AretVino – nor have I ever heard of it. The most common reason for ice build up is if the door is left ajar for a period of time. Perhaps the cabinet is out of level or the door gasket is not sealing properly.
    Regardless, I suggest you go back to whomever you purchased the cabinet from as they may have more feedback or be able to cover under some kind of warranty program if applicable.

  • I just bought a used Eurocave, probably about 10 years old and hasn’t been used in 3-4 years. On the back is the number 452321. The unit is light brown, solid door. The unit is in excellent shape, I plugged it in and will wait 24 hours before loading wine. Can you give me any info on the actual age of unit, filter number as I’d like to put a new filter in asap. Thank you.

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