Easy Ways to Display your Wine

Easy Ways to Display your Wine

Displaying your wine is great fun! This is especially true if you’re storing your wine in a hidden away wine room or a wine fridge, it’s nice to have a way to show some of it off to your guests. Here are some great cabinets from Rosehill Wine Cellars that will suit your living room perfectly and show off some of your wine collection.


Elegance Cabinets

Smaller Elegance Wine Cabinet stores 21 bottles of wine.
Elegance Wine Cabinet stores 21 wine bottles.

These graceful wine cooling cabinets come in a classic espresso finish. Perfect for your living room or even a foyer area the Elegance Wine Fridge Cabinets are sure to showcase part of your wine collection with easy elegance. Furthermore, they’re ideal for keeping your whites cool and ready for your guests!


Cabernet Hills Wine Bar Cabinet perfect for wine and cocktails.
Cabernet Hills Wine Bar Cabinet.

Home Bars from Howard Miller

If you like hosting cocktail hour at your place a home bar is pretty much a must have! Home Bars from Howard Miller are perfect for hosting and a great way to display your wine. The Cabernet Hills Wine Bar Cabinet is one of our favourites and is perfect for making cocktails.


Wine Rack Peg Systems

Beta Bloc wine display pegs.
Beta Bloc wine peg system.

If you don’t have a lot of floor space you can also display some of your wine using peg systems. These wine peg systems make your wine bottles look like they are floating and are exciting and unique!


Make sure to check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!

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