Climate Controlled Wine Cellar: Mistakes to Avoid

Climate Controlled Wine Cellar: Mistakes to Avoid
WhisperKool 2500, small wine cellar cooler unit from home use
WhisperKool 2500 for a climate controlled wine cellar in home.

Enthusiastic wine lovers are naturally drawn to adding a climate controlled wine cellar to their home. When going the do-it-yourself route, there are several common mistakes people tend to make. Most of those errors are associated with trying to curb spending. There are certain specifications that create the ideal wine storage environment, and cutting corners to reduce costs is virtually always regrettable. The following are some mistakes to avoid when building a climate controlled wine cellar.

Vapour barrier gaps yield excess moisture

A tricky aspect of building a climate-controlled wine cellar is installing the enveloping vapour barrier correctly. When done wrong, and misture is allowed to enter the walls, the result is usually mold growth. This element of wine cellar creation is often best to left to professional wine cellar construction experts. However, our team is willing to provide helpful guidance for those who handle their own wine cellar construction. We cannot stress enough the importance of a proper insulation job!

soth facing stone cellar window sunlight

Exterior windows allow sunlight

One of the most important basics of wine cellar design is to either build underground or in any interior room under the roof, with no exterior walls or windows. If the goal is to properly maintain a climate controlled wine cellar, one of the worst situations is to have heat coming in through the glass of an exterior window. It is a design flaw that can rarely be overcome.

Inadequate door to wine cellar

The door of a climate controlled wine cellar must be heavy-grade and must seal correctly, to avoid problems related to moisture. When a lesser door is chosen, to trim costs, the result can be a spoiled wine collection.

wooden wine cabinet

Wrong climate controlled wine cellar cooling system

There are numerous wine cellar cooling units to choose from, including various models by different top manufacturers. It isn’t enough to know that, for instance, Wine Guardian, WhisperKool, and CellarPro are leading brands. There are certain specifications to be met, in connection with the cooling unit you choose for your wine cellar. The right decision needs to be made, but it can be complex matter for a layperson. The professionals at Rosehill Wine Cellars can help you make the correct wine cooling unit choice for your wine cellar.

installing wine cellar walls, insulation, wine cellar cooling unit

Low-quality wine racking

You could put your entire wine collection at risk by storing it on wine racks made from cheap kits that are not fastened properly. Carpenters with no knowledge about wine storage can also be a poor option for adding wine racks to your wine cellar. The style of quality racks can vary greatly. While serving the same function, you can choose wine racks that fit your personal design choice.  Rosehill Wine Cellars can help with quality wine racking, including proper storage for large format wine bottles.