Rosehill Wine Cellars are wine storage experts and offer everything to do with wine storage. Rosehill Wine Cellars design and build custom wine cellars in Toronto. Operating since 1995 Rosehill Wine Cellars also offers wine cellar cooling units, wine cabinets, racks and fridges and various accessories.

Rosehill Wine Cellar’s blog is about the creativity of wine storage and offers insight into the best practices for storing fine wines.

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  • Hi there
    My wife and I have recently decided that we want to create a wine collection. We got a wine fridge as a wedding gift which stated our interest, and now we want to create some sort of wine cellar
    We are looking for something in the medium range as we don’t have a huge basement to give up a lot of space
    Thank you

  • Hi we are purchasing a new unit and it has a wine room to be built, size is 2.5 x 1.8 x2.7 you please help so I can advise builder on what construction materials and air conditioner

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