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  • Hello Team!
    I am reading your blog, and it is very useful for understanding wine conservation.
    I have a question for you:
    I would like to build a cellar under the ground, which has the best characteristics for storing wines, constant temperature and humidity all year round without the use of machinery
    can you tell me what depth it must have under the ground, what is the recommended height of the room and other characteristics that it must have?

    thank you


    • An underground passive cellar will work for some people depending on the environment, location and your tolerance level of year round temperature swings. Yes, the ground will provide a certain amount of insulation however, we are not an expert in passive cellars so are unable to provide more details. We do prefer an environment where you have more control over the environment created.

  • After reading he blog on Self Contained units , I’m still wondering if I would need to have a way to eliminate condensate.. Your explanation says no.. I am planning to build a wine closet using space from a walk- in closet in my home.. The area is in the center of the house and ideal for the plan.. However, I am leaning to just having a gate and placing under-counter refrigeration for the white wines, leaving the reds to the ambient temp of the house which is typically 70-72 degrees year round.

    My preference would be to have a self contained to keep all the of the wine at 55 degrees.. However, I would have to exhaust into a hallway and that does have a return air intake for the AC.. Will this self contained units exhaust cause my AC to run constantly?

    And It would be challenging for me to remove condensate from the perspective of getting to a drain easily.

    • Eugene,

      Please contact us via our website, the blog is not reviewed regularly.

      It seems you are considering two very different wine storage options.

      The first would be a passive (non-refrigerated) space for under-counter refrigerated wine cabinets for your whites. The rest of the space would set up at room temperature for your reds and the room would be closed off with a gate rather than a door.

      The second approach would be to cool the entire room to 55˚F for the benefit of all your varietals.

      We offer a variety of cooling units, please see our website.

      If the room is properly insulated, vapour-sealed and fitted with a weather-stripped exterior-grade door, the amount of excess condensate will be minimal after the initial cool down.

      Again, for continuation of discussion, please see our website.

  • Could you help me to advise what color temperature (300K, 4000K or .. how many K?) for Red Wine is?
    Thanks and best regards,

    • MDF and HDF is not recommended for wine cellars as its not a product that can withstand prolong higher humidity levels in a wine room that has temperature and humidity controls. Most domestic hardwoods and some softwoods can withstand higher humidity levels and we often use white oak, walnut, maple, and a few others.

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