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3 Reasons a Wine Bucket is a Great Gift Idea

3 Reasons a Wine Bucket is a Great Gift Idea

Is a wine lover or wine connoisseur on your shopping list? If so, there is no shortage of possible presents you could give that should be a hit, even outside of gifting one or more bottles of wine. At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we have a 

Differences Between a Wine Fridge and a Wine Cooler

Differences Between a Wine Fridge and a Wine Cooler

Wine lovers who seek additional storage for their growing collections in their home or place of business will most likely find themselves online shopping for wine cabinets. But unless they know what they are seeking, they could end up with a wine cooler and not 

Bordeaux: From the Beginning

Bordeaux: From the Beginning

Merlot is a Bordeaux wine made with black grapes.
Bordeaux wines are considered among the best in the world.

Wine collectors have an enviable hobby, though it is a pursuit to be undertaken with a healthy dose of research and study.  When seeking the best wines for long-term storage, trails often take a direct path to Bordeaux wine. Wine cellar cooling units Toronto provide the optimal environment for storing Bordeaux and other fine wines as they age.

Why Bordeaux?

Bordeaux wine has been around since the first vineyards were planted during the Middle Ages. “Bordeaux” is a term that means “along the waters” and it is a reference to a region in France with the Gironde estuary, its tributaries, and other waterways. Wine production in Bordeaux is believed to have begun in about 43 AD, when vineyards were established and cultivated by the Romans for the Roman soldiers. Originally, sweet white wines were produced. Bordeaux red wines became world-renowned in the 1800s.

The region of Bordeaux has many prestigious wine-producing estates. The Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855 was established by order of Emperor Napoleon III, who wanted the best Bordeaux wines on display for visitors from across the world. Wine brokers ranked the wines according to the chateaus’ reputations and trading prices for the wines.  The classifications have changed through the years. Every wine collector should be familiar with the rankings of Bordeaux wine before making purchases for their wine cellars.

Bordeaux wine has always been a wine that sells, and the industry has been a lucrative one for the region. In fact, vine growers in other areas of France wanted to get in on the economic boon and began labeling their wine as Bordeaux. A government institution was eventually set up for the purpose of ensuring that only wine from the Bordeaux region could be called Bordeaux. This is a distinct and enviable wine, to be sure.

Bordeaux Today

More than 90% of Bordeaux wines are currently made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, both of which are black wine grapes produced in the region of Bordeaux. Both of these types of wines are available for immediate consumption and for storage in a wine cellar. Learn more about Bordeaux in this continuing series. In the meantime, be sure you protect your wine collection by relying on trusted wine cellar cooling units Toronto such as Wine Guardian, Breezaire, Cellar Cool, WhisperKool, and Cellar Pro.

Do I Really Need a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Do I Really Need a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Absolutely! At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we believe the cooling unit is the most important purchasing decision for your wine cellar in addition to a properly insulated cellar. The wrong climate in your wine cellar could be devastating to your entire investment of wine. A quality 

Meet the Mercedes-Benz of Wine Storage

Meet the Mercedes-Benz of Wine Storage

The conditions in which vintage wines are stored are extremely important. One of the best ways to ensure superb wine storage is to use a wine refrigerator.

Help! I Only Have a Narrow Space for My Wine Collection

Help! I Only Have a Narrow Space for My Wine Collection

Vintage View Wine Racks - Rosehill Wine Cellars

Are you having difficulty finding space for your wine collection? Try the hallway!

One of the most daunting tasks of any wine connoisseur living in an apartment or condo is finding space for a wine collection.

Wine cabinet units are often too large and heavy. Building a custom cellar is too costly. Perhaps, you may not even be interested in investing in a cellar for maturing your wine.

What if you are simply looking for a quick, efficient way to make the most use of your limited space, while supporting your love of wine?

Don’t fret! There is an innovative solution, and a great alternative to traditional cork-forward storage.

The Vintage View metal wine rack is the only commercial grade wine storage solution in the world that allows you to display your wine sideways with the labels in full view.

It is this label out design that allows racks to fit in narrower spaces. No more sorting through bottles to find the one you are seeking.

Vintage View Wine Racks - Rosehill Wine CellarsThe innovative Vintage View WS Series metal wine racks are exceptionally flexible in design. They can be utilized to store wine bottles in nearly any space, regardless of height, depth or width limitations.

Your wine can now easily be kept in narrow spaces such as hallways, under staircases, on kitchen walls and behind sinks. The possibilities are endless!


Available in one bottle, two bottle and three bottle deep configurations.

The Vintage View metal wine rack can be used to store as few as 9 bottles or as many as thousands, as it is possible to add on as your wine storage needs increase.

The wall mounted racks come standard in either 36″ or 48″ heights.


Protective caps are provided to cover attachment holes and rubber tips are installed on the ends of the rods.

Vintage View Wine Racks - Rosehill Wine CellarsAll Vintage View metal wine racks are fabricated with high tensile ASTM A1018 cold rolled steel rods and ASTM A500 rectangular steel framework by professional welders using TIG and MIG technology.


  • Wine bottles look like they are floating in mid-air, adding to your décor.
  • Identify your collection at a glance with labels facing towards you. Great for showing off your collection, and an easy way to pinpoint which wine you’d like to compliment tonight’s dinner.
  • All Vintage View models can be stacked or easily cut to obtain limitless heights and interesting layouts.
  • Wall mounted mid air – can be installed in awkward spots or over counters. You can easily store wood cases below.
  • Can fit in narrow spaces.

For additional information, consult the Rosehill Wine Cellars Vintage View Brochure (PDF)