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Storing and Pouring Large Format Wine Bottles

Storing and Pouring Large Format Wine Bottles

Standard wine racks hold standard sized wine bottles (750 ml), and they make no considerations for large format wine bottles that are now so popular with wine lovers.  Cellar designers have to make their own remedies. Modern wine cellars include wine racks that accommodate larger 

4 Benefits of Adding Large Format Wine Storage to your Wine Cellar 

4 Benefits of Adding Large Format Wine Storage to your Wine Cellar 

Large format wine bottles offer notable benefits over standard 750mL bottles, making large format wine storage important. The standard size, equal to about six glasses of wine, is by far and away the most commonly distributed wine. Perhaps surprisingly, the standard wine bottle is only one 

5 Reasons to Invest in a Wine Cellar   

5 Reasons to Invest in a Wine Cellar   

All true wine lovers dream of having their own wine cellar; it’s only natural. Although wine cellars don’t come cheap, it could make sense to invest in one for your home. There always seems to be a way to do those things that mean the most, and sometimes you never know until you take steps in the right direction. Focusing on perceived hurdles such as the cost of a quality wine cellar cooling unit from a top manufacturer like Wine Guardian or WhisperKOOL could keep you from realizing your dream. Start, instead, by checking out the following five good reasons to invest in a wine cellar.

Wine Cellars from Rosehill
A custom wine cellar is an excellent investment. (Photo: Rosehill Wine Cellars)

1-Protect your Wine Collection

A properly built wine cellar provides the perfect environment for wine to age and reach its peak. The components of a wine cellar include the following and more:

  • Insulation from ceiling to floor
  • A wine cellar cooling unit that provides the correct temperature with minimal fluctuation
  • Wine racks
  • Lighting with no UV rays
  • Protection from vibration, to keep wine bottles still and stable

2-Organization of your Wine Collection

When a wine collection begins to grow, it can be difficult to keep track of and find a particular bottle you may be looking for. Lack of organization often means forgetting about wine you’ve purchased. It’s not unusual for wine bottles in a state of disarray to be neglected past their time of peak enjoyment.

Wine racks, display shelves, and areas for bin storage are among the choices you have, as far as how to store, organize, and display your wine in a wine cellar. With a shelving system, you can more easily manage your wine and make sure you pop corks before the best drinking date has passed.

3-Enhanced Enjoyment of Wine and Food

When you get down to it, the true purpose of a wine cellar is to make it possible to safely store bottles of wine and then open and drink them at exactly the right time. Wine goes through a chemical process that can take years or decades. Oenologists and sommeliers have gone before us to make determinations about just how long particular vintages should be stored before being poured into a decanter and served with a complementary meal. It’s tough, however, to quickly grab that perfect bottle of wine when it’s needed if you’ve been unable to store it an organized way in a wine cellar.

4-Increase Home Value

The resale value of your home can be increased significantly if you have a custom wine cellar. Many realtors have learned by experience that wine cellars can be of more value than kitchen upgrades during resale. One of the challenges when selling a home is standing out in a way that snags buyers, and a wine cellar is one of the features that attracts the right kind of attention.


It is highly fashionable, not to mention fun, to bring friends for a tour of your wine cellar. With a tasting nook and great lighting, it can be a truly memorable experience. Show off your wonderful wine collection and beautiful wooden wine racks with confidence. Wine cellars have secure entrances that can keep out teens, on-site workmen, and drunk friends.

Custom Wine Cellar Construction

Get started with the process of possibly having the wine cellar you really want for your wine collection. Contact the dedicated wine cellar construction experts at Rosehill Wine Cellars. They specialize in wine cellars; in fact, that’s the only type of construction they do anymore. Rosehill offers a selection of the best wine cellar cooling units, including WhisperKOOL and Wine Guardian. Due to their experience and knowledge, there’s no one better to help you determine whether a wine cellar is the right investment for you.

Best Wine for Long-Term Storage

Best Wine for Long-Term Storage

The best wines are those that have aged over a long period of time. But not just any bottle of wine is made to go through the beneficial process of long-term storage in a wine cellar. In fact, estimates are that 99% of the wine 

How to Know if a Wine Refrigerator is Right for You

How to Know if a Wine Refrigerator is Right for You

If you’ve been wondering whether you should get a wine refrigerator, below are some answers to help you figure it out. Most people who ask this question have recently begun collecting bottles of wine for future enjoyment with their meals. Simply placing wine on a 

5 Wine Cellar Secrets   

5 Wine Cellar Secrets   

Wine Racks from Rosehill
Wine racks (Photo by Rosehill Wine Cellars)

A custom wine cellar is ideal for storing wine. The temperature is controlled by a wine cooling unit from a manufacturer specializing in creating the right environment for wine. There is insulation from floor to ceiling, to ensure a steady temperature that doesn’t fluctuate and harm the wine. These may be things you already know about wine cellars, but the following are lesser known facts about wine cellars and the wines they store.


All wine bottles that will be stored for more than a couple of months should be stored horizontally on wine racks. As most people know, this ensures that the cork stays wet, protecting the wine from a shrinking cork that allows excess oxygen into the bottle, which spoils the wine. What many don’t know is that there are several good reasons to be careful about storing your wine with the label up. It helps in the following ways:

  • The label is better protected from damage. Whether or not you are storing your wine as an investment, a damaged label can understandably impact the eventual enjoyment of the wine.
  • It’s helpful for the sediment to form on the side opposite of the label, so that you can more clearly see whether decanting is needed when it’s served, due to an excess amount of sediment.
  • You won’t need to disturb the wine bottle in order to see what type of wine it is, and eliminating movement and vibration is one of the basics of proper wine storage.

2-Causes of UV Damage

A bottle of wine is prematurely aged by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, which penetrates even the darkest glass used for bottled wine. Sunlight isn’t the only source for harmful UV rays. The lights in a wine cellar can also cause UV damage. Fluorescent lights, for example, are sources of significant amounts of UV lighting. LED lights don’t release UV rays or heat; they are ideal for wine cellars. If you have a glass door or window on your wine cellar or wine room, keep in mind that UV rays are transmitted through the glass.


A low-quality wine isn’t improved simply because it has aged in a proper wine cellar. There are certain types of wine that improve with age, but the process of aging doesn’t upgrade a poor-quality wine into a fine vintage.

4-Corked Wine

corked wine, perishable flavour glass wine cork metal corkscrewCorks and wine are forever pared, like horses and saddles, and needles and thread, they are symbiotic partners.  Years ago, wine was much more reliant on good quality corks. Over a long period of time, it was determined that approximately 8% of all wine bottles with corks became tainted or “corked”. In response to the clear evidence of such a problem, synthetic corks – plastic corks were developed and sold by the millions. The cork industry relies in large degree on the wine industry.

The cork industry has over many decades researched ways to prevent the naturally occurring chemical called tri-chloro-anisole (TCA) from combining with the chlorine bleach that was used to sanitize the corks, which was the cause of the problem. They developed a new process, which has significantly reduced the number of corked bottles of wine.

5-Benefits of Cleanliness

A wine cellar should be completely free of foodstuffs and anything with a penetrating odor. If there are strong smells, they can penetrate the cork and spoil your wine. If there is food, such as cheese, in the wine cellar, mice will be drawn to the area and can begin chewing on corks and labels. Also, if you store anything with its own yeast in the wine cellar, it’s likely to ferment; so don’t.

If you’re interested in making a custom wine cellar space in your home or business, contact Rosehill Wine Cellars. We are experts who know all the secrets of proper wine storage, and we will work with you to create the perfect space for your wine collection.