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7 Things you May Not Know about Wine Rack Kits

7 Things you May Not Know about Wine Rack Kits

Wine rack kits are affordable, high-quality options for setting up home storage for your wine collection. Any true wine lover will set up proper wine storage space, creating the option to buy in bulk and take advantage of other opportunities to cut the cost of 

The Wine Storage-Cork Connection

The Wine Storage-Cork Connection

Wine storage is widely known to be best in cellar-like conditions, but far fewer wine drinkers understand the importance of the cork. The idea behind creating a wine cellar is to provide the perfect environment for wine to be stored so that it ages properly. 

4 Benefits of Adding Large Format Wine Storage to your Wine Cellar 

4 Benefits of Adding Large Format Wine Storage to your Wine Cellar 

Ancaster Cellar with large format wine storage.
Custom wine racks from Rosehill Wine Cellars can include large format wine storage. (Photo: Rosehill Wine Cellars)

Large format wine bottles offer notable benefits over standard 750mL bottles, making large format wine storage important. The standard size, equal to about six glasses of wine, is by far and away the most commonly distributed wine. Perhaps surprisingly, the standard wine bottle is only one of at least 17 available sizes—3 being smaller than standard and the rest larger. Many wine collectors recognize that large format bottles of wine offer coveted benefits. Sizeable bottles, however, don’t fit on standard wine racks. With a custom wine cellar, you can choose wine racking that accommodates bottles of all sizes. The decision to make special wine storage considerations is duck soup for those who invest in large format bottles of wine for any of the following reasons and more.

1-The Wine Tastes Better

For various reasons, wine in large format bottles usually tastes better than wine stored in smaller counterparts. There is less oxygen relative to the volume of wine, for example. As a result, the wine oxidizes more slowly, resulting in a longer aging period and improved maturation. Overall wine stability and aroma are among the characteristics of the wine that are improved when properly stored in a large format bottle. The wine should be maintained in ideal cellar conditions, which can largely be achieved with a wine cellar cooling unit from a top manufacturer, such as WhisperKOOL, Koolspace, or Wine Guardian. Large format bottles are also more resistant to irregularities in temperature that may be caused by moving the wine to a different wine cellar or by power outages.

2-Communal Enjoyment

Large bottles of wine provide delightful “wow moments” at large gatherings, including anniversaries and weddings. Everyone gets to share in the experience of drinking from the same bottle containing wine that has aged gracefully and has better maturation than wine in smaller bottles. Bringing out a large format bottle of wine is an upgrade to any event.

3-Rare = Valuable

Small production historically increases wine value. There are usually very few large-format bottles of any vintage that wineries produce. Whether a Magnum bottle with double the standard volume or the massive Melchizedek, equal to 40 standard bottles of wine, large format bottles are rare. They are usually reserved for special occasions, such as a winery’s anniversary; charity auctions; special collectors; winery displays; or private collections, whether for proprietors or their family and friends. Although large format bottles of quality wine tend to be very expensive, they are also sometimes offered at prices friendlier to those less wealthy.

4- Showpieces

The wine in a large format bottle isn’t the only part of the bargain. The wine bottle itself can be considered a real treasure. It’s not unusual to see large bottles of wine on display in fine restaurants and as dinner table centerpieces. There are many craft and décor ideas for large format wine bottles on Pinterest, in which the bottles are used as gorgeous lamps, vases, candle holders, and much more.

Don’t Forget Large Format Wine Storage

Some consider the size of large format wine bottles a downside, due to potential storage challenges. Rosehill Wine Cellars specializes in wine cellar construction and can help with all wine racking needs, from custom wine racking to adaptable wine kits. Rosehill also offers wine cellar cooling units from all of the top manufacturers, such as Koolspace, Wine Guardian, and WhisperKOOL.

Wine Racks 101

Wine Racks 101

Every wine lover with a growing wine collection should become familiar with options in modular wine racks.  Although they can add beauty, class, whimsy, or elegance to your home or wine cellar, first and foremost, wine racks are functional. They can be small or large, 

Recommendations for Wine Racks – Part 2

Recommendations for Wine Racks – Part 2

You know that the type of wine rack you probably want is horizontal, if you read Part 1 of this series. Once you know the angle of the rack you want, you can move on to choosing a wine rack that matches your needs and 

Recommendations for Wine Racks  – Part 1

Recommendations for Wine Racks – Part 1

Horizontal wine racks provide several advantages, compared to vertical wine racks and tilted racks.

A wine rack is no mere bottle organizer, just as wine is not just another beverage. The wine rack can be as important as the other aspects of proper wine storage. There are numerous styles of wine racks that can be used for decorative purposes, including custom wine racks. Whether or not a particular wine rack is both ideal for you and your wine depends on various factors.

Horizontal Over Vertical and Tilted

Horizontal wine racks provide an advantage over vertical wine racks as well as tilted racks, if the wine is going to be in storage for a while. The primary advantage provided by a horizontal wine rack is that the cork stays moist. This results in swelling that protects the wine from contact with an unwanted amount of air. For wine to age optimally, the perfect amount of air is the minuscule amount that gets in through the swelled cork. With horizontal storage, the sediment falls to the side of the bottle, a safe distance away from the cork. This is essential, since it helps to prevent spoilage that can occur when the wine is poured. Another benefit of horizontal custom wine racks is that the use of space is very efficient, and it’s easy to add more racks, as needed.

It can make sense to have custom vertical wine racks, as long as you plan to drink the wine stored there fairly soon. The cork dries out and shrinks over time, leading to excessive air in the bottle, when wine is stored vertically.

Tilted wine racks are also available, but they present two potential problems.  First, if there is no moisture on the cork, the cork can dry out.  Secondly, if the wine is against the cork, the position of the bottle can also leave sediment deposits near the cork, which can lead to ultimate spoilage at the time the wine is poured.

The Problem with a Dry Cork

To truly grasp the importance of getting the correct type of wine rack, it helps to understand what happens to wine if the cork dries out and shrinks. When added air gets into the wine, the wine becomes oxidized. The following are some of the undesirable effects of oxidation on wine:

  • The wine changes color, to brick and brown tones.
  • Fresh wine flavors become flat.
  • The ethanol in the wine begins breaking down and shifting into other compounds, including acetaldehyde, which, in short, is not desirable.

All varieties of wine will suffer from too much air, at some point. The wines that are most resistant to oxidation include those with higher acidity, sweet wines, and wines that are more tannic.