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Breezaire WKL3000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Model: WKL3000

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Breezaire WKL Series


The Breezaire WKL3000 wine cellar refrigeration system can be installed in a hole in the wall.

Dimensions (inches):14.25W x 19.75H x 21.63D
Thermal Capacity (BTU): 3000
Estimated Max. Bottle Capacity: 3000
Maximum Cubic Footage: 650 cubic feet
Electrical Req: 115V/7.5 amps
Color: Tan

Note: Cord inside cellar is standard configuration

Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 

See Additional Information tab if present for more details

The Breezaire WKL series of wine cellar cooling units features a cool green LED digital display with is large and easy to read can be set between 48 - 63 degrees. Temperature controlled by air sensors or the optional bottle probe.

The Breezaire WKL series features Sentry III:

  • Power outage feature - delays cooling unit start up after power outage.
  • Blocked airflow protection - shuts down the cooling unit in case of higher temperatures caused by condenser blockage or fan failure.

 Due to electronic differences, Breezaire does not recommend their "E" or "L" series for electrical requirements outside of the North American Standard.

 If you require the option of "cord out back", there is an upcharge & the unit becomes deemed as special order item. Please let us know when ordering, .

The bottle probe is an option, please specify at time of ordering if you would like to add this to your order.

DRAIN LINE - is standard on the cellar/cold side, however, it can be oriented on the warm side as an upcharge.  


About Power Outages:
Damage to the compressor and digital controls can occur when (1) power comes back on in less than 10 minutes from when it went down (2) when the power supply drops to below 110V or (3), the surge associated with power coming back up after an outage may exceed the 110V that the unit was built to operate at and made worse when people ignore the "dedicated circuit" specification in the Installation Manual because everything sharing that circuit will be firing up at the same time. Ensuring the circuit is not only dedicated but also equipped with a power regulator or at least surge suppression will go along way to safeguard the compressor and digital controls. The Sentry III delays start-up following a power outage. It is recommended that a power surge protector is still used with this unit AND used with all our cooling units.



Model: WKL1060 WKL2200 WKL3000 WKL4000
Dimensions (inches): 14.25W x 13.25H x 16.38D 14.25W x 13.25H x 16.38D 14.25W x 19.75H x 21.63D 14.25W x 19.75H x 21.63D
Thermal Capacity (BTU) 1060 2200 3000 4000
Estimated Max. Bottle Capacity 800 1000 3000 4000
Max. Cubic Footage 160 265 650 1000
Electrical Req: 115V/2.8 amps 115V/5amps 115V/7.5amps 115V/8.5amps
Color: Tan Tan Tan Tan
Weight: 43 lbs. 49 lbs. 69 lbs. 70 lbs.


A dedicated 15 amp circuit (units up to 4000 BTUs) or 20 amp circuit (units from 6000-8000 BTUs)is strongly recommended.

Every Breezaire ® Wine Cooling System Features:

Adjustable Temperature ...

The ideal temperature for storing and aging wine is between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Each Breezaire ® wine cellar cooling system includes an adjustable thermostat that makes it possible for the user to precisely control the conditions in the wine cellar. When initially bringing the temperature down to the desired level and in maintaining the target temperature, the Breezaire ® wine cellar cooling system produces a gentle stream of cool air - never a blast of cold air that could subject the wine to abrupt temperature changes.

Please note that where a bottle probe is available, it must be ordered separately.

Automatic Humidity Control...

Humidity must be present in the wine cellar to prevent cork and label deterioration. The Breezaire cooling system is designed to maintain relative humidity in the range of 50 to 75 %,

Vibration Free Operation...

All of Breezaire's ® wine cellar cooling systems are designed and engineered reduce vibration. They are hand assembled in Breezaire's U.S. factory, ensuring perfect assembly with each and every unit.

Ultra Quiet Operation...

Breezaire wine cellar cooling systems perform their task quietly and unobtrusively to preserve the atmosphere of isolation from the outside world that makes a visit to the wine cellar a unique experience.

Attractive metal cabinet...

An attractive metal cabinet that blends in with the decor of your cellar area and can be flush mounted to any wall.

Ease Of Installation...

Breezaire's most popular wine cellar cooling systems are completely self-contained modules that are simply mounted in a wall and connected to a standard 115AC source (230V/50Hz also available as special order). No plumbing, complicated wiring or special procedures including the on-site installation of refrigerant are required, but you may want to prepare for a drain line. (Split system requires professional installation by a licensed refrigeration technician).

Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.


The 3000 series and larger can be adjusted to "Cold Air Up" within the wine cellar if only low mounting on the wall is available. Please note the units can not just sit on the floor as you still need access to the drain line underneath the unit. Cold air up/low mounting is not applicable to all cellar environments and not desirable since hot air rises; you are best to speak to one of our representatives prior to ordering . This option is $35, you may also need to make some grill adjustments on site.

The Breezaire units can also be flush mounted to the cellar side or partially mounted into the room, whereas most other cooling units require proper installation only.

Electrical Requirements...

All Breezaire wine cellar cooling units come 115V. 60Hz for North American power consumption.

A dedicated 15 amp circuit (units up to 4000 BTUs) or 20 amp circuit (units from 6000-8000 BTUs) is strongly recommended.

A few models are available for European electrical requirements in 230V, 50Hz. Please see the WKL2150, WKL3350, WKCE2150 and both the Split Systems (WKSL2150 & WKSL3350).

Please enquire about product price and shipping cost to your country.

If you require the cord out the back of the cooling unit, (plugging into room in adjacent warm space) please specify at time of ordering - standard configuration is plug in within the cellar.  Warm side plug in is special order item.

Quality Construction...

All Breezaire wine cellar cooling systems are:

  • Designed to deliver superior performance
  • Constructed using only the highest quality components.
  • Hand assembled to assure that the finished product excels in all ways.

The Breezaire Products Company, located in San Diego, CA, California, United States of America, 92121 USA, creates a vast array of American made wine cellar cooling units, such as the WKL Series, which are great for your home or commercial use.

If you would like racking as well, we will be happy to customize a design and obtain a shipping quote for your entire order to go to Racking Pages.

Breezaire WKL Series Wine Cellar Cooling Units are available for shipping within the USA and Canada.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer so you get the most up to date technology available. 

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS will also be charged a 12% surcharge for this product. This additional charge will not be reflected in the shopping cart but will be added on during processing once CA is chosen as the state of delivery.


US shipping cost is fixed for all of continental US. Extra charges may apply for Hawaii and Alaska.

Canadian shipping cost indicated is to major Canadian city. Extra charges may apply within Canada for smaller towns or remote locations.


Please inspect for any damage and verify the number of boxes as compared to the waybill. Please indicate any damage, wear & tear to boxes or discrepancies while you are signing for the shipment.

Please count your boxes and inspect for damage prior to signing receipt of boxes.


Please report damage to us as soon as possible. Generally it is better to accept the box(es) indicating damage on the waybill as opposed to refusing the shipment.

We will ship you new replacement items immediately, at no charge, as long as you indicated on the waybill that there was damage. We insure all items we ship, however, in order to make a claim it must be started within 4 business days of shipping.

If you discover damage after the delivery person has left or you did not sign for the items received please contact us as well as contacting the shipping company right away.

Please be assured that we stand behind our products and our shipping methods. You buy with confidence when you buy from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Do not throw away boxes/any packaging material!! Damaged product must remain in the original packaging in order to process damage claim. Please contact Rosehill ASAP at 1-888-253-6807.

WKL Series Installation Instructions
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