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CellarCOOL - Through the Wall Cellar Cooling

CellarCOOL - Through the Wall Cellar Cooling

CellarCool CX offers a lower cost "through the wall" wine cellar cooler unit for wine cellars up to 2000 cubic feet

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CellarCool CX2200 Cooling Unit


CellarCool CX2200 Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling up to 265 cubic feet.

US $1,795.00

CellarCool CX3300 Cooling Unit


CellarCool CX3300 Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling up to 650 cubic feet

US $2,005.00

CellarCool CX4400 Cooling Unit


CellarCool CX4400 Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling up to 1000 cubic feet

US $2,255.00

CellarCool CX8800 Cooling Unit


CellarCool CX8800 Cooling Unit

Wine cellar cooling up to 2000 cubic feet

US $3,049.00

Introducing CellarCool, a brand that has set its sights on providing reliable wine cellar cooling systems for the budget conscious wine cellar aficionado. Supplying a quality product at this price segment was no simple feat. The CX series was developed under rigorous testing to ensure the product will efficiently cool and do so without failure. The end result, a product that fits in the same hole as the  Breezaire (WKL) and Wine-Mate (HZD).

Economical wine cellar cooler solution designed for cellar enthusiasts who are on a budget.

Aggressively priced, the CellarCool CX Series still incorporates advanced cooling technologies and strategic air flow. 

Designed for an easy through-the-wall style installation with the use of specialized mounting brackets. As well the unit easily fits between standard residential wall studding (*except cx8800) and no shelf support is required as the rear flange creates a strong mounting point.

Featuring a Heat Exchange Condensate Management System that uses excess condensate on the "hot" side of the unit to act as a coolant, this also evaporates some of the condensate in the process. The CX series offers models that can maintain cellars from 265 to 2000 cubic feet. The CX series has been designed around a 30°F temperature differential - which means exhausting area should not exceed 85°F. Specifically designed high angle fans effectively circulate the air within the cellar to allow the unit to minimize it's run time.

Humidity (50%-70%) and (55°F-58°F) maintenance.  


  • Made in the USA
  • Dynamic Airflow
  • 30°F Temperature Variance - *Best-in-class*
  • Digital Controller with SSM (System Safety Management) and Anti-Frost
  • Through-the-Wall Installation with mounting brackets
  • Heat Exchange Condensate Management System
  • Power cord located inside wine cellar (please inquire about rear power cord option if required)
  • Provides precise measurement of air temperature
  • Drain line located on outside / warm side of wine cellar
  • Vibration-Free Operation
  • Low Maintenance
Cellarcool CX wine cellar cooling systems are available for shipping within the United States of America (USA) and Canada.
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