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Base, Crown & Filler

Model: BCF

Shipping cost: US $120.00

Please Choose:


Base, Crown & Filler Options Quantity
1 x 2 Plain Vertical Filler (US $18.00)
1 x 4 Plain Vertical Filler (US $22.00)
2 1/4" High Base - Per Foot (US $9.00)
2 1/4" High Crown - Per Foot (US $9.00)

The crown and base that currently comes with the Classic Wine Rack Kits is actually the plain 1 x 2 filler. It is unnecessary to order any more, unless you want to add onto the existing base/crown or make more decorative.

Filler Strips: Sold per piece to match your racking height
When you have gaps in your cellar layout, you can use these vertical filler pieces to connect the racking together. This will allow for wall to wall continuation of racking for a custom look. Filler strip based on the height of racking you are ordering.
Please choose between 1 x 2 or 1 x 4 width.
The 1 x 2 Filler Strip: Actual measurement is 11/16" x 1 1/2"
The 1 x 4 Filler Strip: Actual measurement is 11/16" x 3 1/2"

Base & Crown:
Add a more decorative look to your racking with additional crown and base moldings. Sold by linear feet.

Base: 2 1/4" high
An 11/16" sleeper/platform is required to raise the racking off the floor by 11/16" if you order this more decorative base.  . This extra base will then overlap with the existing base on the rack. Should you choose to raise racking by higher amount then you need to create a taller sleeper with your own sourced taller base.

Crown: Covers 2 1/4" high

You will automatically be sent wood species to match your existing order.

Crown, Base & Filler MUST be ordered at same time as Classic Kit Racking order, delivery rate should not change, unless ordering more than 5 pieces.

You CAN NOT order Crown, Base Filler on it's own; it is too difficult & too expensive for shipping.

See Additional Information tab if present for more details


For Classic Kit orders of less than $1000 you will be charged $109 per rack in addition to the standard delivery charge.

Why are we doing this for the Classic Kits? Because shipping is very costly for only a few wine racks. As opposed to globally increasing our racking prices for this product line, we've kept the pricing at a moderate level and will charge a surcharge for smaller orders. As most of the Classic Kit orders are over $1000, we trust there should be minimal disruption to our customers. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS will also be charged applicable state tax for this product. This additional charge will not be reflected in the shopping cart but will be added on during processing once CA is chosen as the state of delivery.


US shipping cost is fixed for all of continental US. Extra charges may apply for Hawaii and Alaska.

Canadian shipping cost indicated is to major Canadian city. Extra charges may apply within Canada for smaller towns or remote locations.


Please inspect for any damage and verify the number of boxes as compared to the waybill. Please indicate any damage, wear & tear to boxes or discrepancies while you are signing for the shipment.

Please count your boxes and inspect for damage prior to signing receipt of boxes.


Please report damage to us as soon as possible. Generally it is better to accept the box(es) indicating damage on the waybill as opposed to refusing the shipment.

We will ship you new replacement items immediately, at no charge, as long as you indicated on the waybill that there was damage. We insure all items we ship, however, in order to make a claim it must be started within 4 business days of shipping.

If you discover damage after the delivery person has left or you did not sign for the items received please contact us as well as contacting the shipping company right away.

Please be assured that we stand behind our products and our shipping methods. You buy with confidence when you buy from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Do not throw away boxes/any packaging material!! Damaged product must remain in the original packaging in order to process damage claim. Please contact Rosehill ASAP at 1-888-253-6807.


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