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Climadiff Wine Cabinets

Climadiff Wine Cabinets

Climadiff wine cabinets are a high quality series of cabinets originating from France. Introducing new sleek ecological designs, these multi-temperature wine cabinets are perfect for the discerning wine connoisseur.   

All of our Climadiff Cabinets come with the Heater Element which allows them to be placed in environments reaching as low as 32F or 0C. 

Bottle Capacity: 150 to 315.

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Climadiff Wine Cabinets

For a selection of unique high quality wine storage cabinets, check out Rosehill’s selection of Climadiff Wine Cabinets. With sleek ecological designs, these wine cabinets encourage the discerning wine connoisseur. Available as multi- or single temperature wine cabinets, you can choose to store your wine collection in a way that suits you best. Whether you select a model from our Diva Avintage, Climagan or Theatrical line, be assured that your wines will be stored in well-designed housing. European made quality wine storage.

While Diva wine storage cabinets are classic in their design, the Climagan and Theatrical wine cabinets will surely give you a run for your money! With its glass door overlaid by a faux-leather covering, the Climagan wine cabinet will creatively display your collection through the cut out in the center. Want something even more innovative? The Climadiff Theatrical wine cabinet comes designed with a door that holds a two-way mirror window and built-in motion detector. When left unattended, the window remains tinted. When motion is sensed, the mirror window lights-up allowing your stored wines to be exhibited!

Looking for something a little extra? Take a look through our selection of additional Climadiff accessories. Whether you’re looking to get a few extra sliding wooden shelves, or a replacement pack of lava stones to maintain your wine cabinet’s humidity control, Rosehill has what you need!


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