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Dometic - Silent Wine Cellar Cabinet

Dometic's absorption cooling process allows your wines to be stored in complete silence. Dometic offers The Silent Wine Cellar cabinet that is vibration free, dark, damp, and will keep wine at a constant temperature!


Dometic is in the process of updating their entire line.  Models listed below may/may not be available at time of inquiry.  Watch out in late Summer / early Fall 2013 for launch of new models. 

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Wine CellR Cabinets
Wine CellR Cabinets

Wine CellR wine cabinets are practical, cost effective cabinets that are great for catering professionals or the new wine connoisseur. Metal and Stainless Steel.

Built-In or Free-Standing installation.

18 to 194 bottles.

EuroCave Wine Cabinets
EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave wine cabinets offer 1,2,3 and Multi-Temperature cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes and shelving configurations.  

Extreme climate conditions? Many of the EuroCave wine fridge cabinets are able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 35° Celsius.






Cavavin Wine Cabinets
Cavavin Wine Cabinets

Cavavin offers wine rack cabinets in Wild Cherry, Oak, Pine, Stainless Steel and more in a variety of sizes. ALL Majestika units can be Built-In or Stand alone, Dual Temperature, Credenza's and a variety of smaller units. Solid Wood or Stainless Steel exterior range from 80 Bottles and up. Smaller units start at 12 bottles and up.

Check out the affordable Urbania Series - 149/160 bottle capacity. Built-in or Free-Standing AND dual temperature zones available. 

Le Cache Wood Wine Cabinets
Le Cache Wood Wine Cabinets

Le Cache makes premier wine cabinets built from cherry wood. There are several wine storage cabinets to choose from. Storage from 172 to 622 bottles.
Within each model there are usually three color choices.

Credenzas & Upright models are available. If you need to put the unit in your garage or warmer location, check out the LC3100 Storage.

Check out our Shipping Credit!!

Le Cache also has a BILD series of melamine faced, unassembled cabinets that are an economical choice for a value conscious wine collector. 

Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)
Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)

Vintage Keeper is the world's most economical wine cooler cabinet. Bottle storage from 110 to 500 bottles. There are four models and two different colors of this wine cooler to choose from. Available in your choice of Black or Mahogany. 

New Series called the Wine KoolR.  

Elegance Cabinets
Elegance Cabinets

Elegance Wine Coolers

Marvel Wine Cabinets
Marvel Wine Cabinets

Marvel Wine Refrigeration. 

Wine storage cabinets by Marvel are available in Professional, High Efficiency and Standard Efficiency.   

Under counter, built-in or stand-alone wine cabinets.  Stainless Steel and Overlay ready door panels for your cabinetry.   



Danby Wine Coolers
Danby Wine Coolers

The pinnacle of Danby's wine cooler selection is the Silhouette line.
Danby's Silhouette wine coolers are Built-In cabinets meaning front venting with zero clearance required.

Glass doors with stainless steel trim.

Bottle Capacity: 27 to 146 


Perlick Wine Refrigeration
Perlick Wine Refrigeration

Only Perlick offers multi-zone, built in, under-counter wine cabinets in 15", 24" & 48" wide configurations.  Also choose the configuration of your under counter refrigerated cabinet to best accommodate your entertaining needs: (Wine storage, fridge, freezer, or beer keg)

The 24" Signature cabinet is available in two bottle or one bottle (Shallow Depth) 

Also see the commercial 'C' series, 24" wide cabinets that are a bit less expensive than the Signature Series.

Liebherr - Stainless Steel Built In Wine Fridge
Liebherr - Stainless Steel Built In Wine Fridge

German manufacturer Liebherr is a worldwide recognized specialist in wine refrigeration technology. Liebherr wine fridge and wine cellar cooler units offer quality solutions for your wine storage problems and leader in environmentally responsible wine refrigeration

With a variety of wine cabinets to choose from - including built-in, free-standing, indoor, outdoor, beverage center cabinets & Cigar Humidor - you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

Credenza Wine Cabinets
Credenza Wine Cabinets

A number of manufacturers offer a credenza style cabinet.

Click on the links below the heading of each manufacturer to lead to the credenza area of the respective manufacturer.

Howard Miller Wine Furniture
Howard Miller Wine Furniture

Beautifully crafted line of spirits and wine furniture. Howard Miller offers a variety of styles and sizes of wood wine cabinets. Please note these cabinets are not climate controlled.


Howard Miller Wine Bars
Howard Miller Wine Bars

Wine bars and hide a bar cabinets are creative wine storage options for your entertaining room. These wooden wine cabinets are not climate controlled and ship directly from the manufacturer, Howard Miller.



Dometic, the Silent Wine Cellar - revolutionary technology operates in COMPLETE SILENCE!

Benefits to owning a Dometic Wine Cellar:

  • Ideally your wine collection will be consistently stored at an exactly controlled temperature, in humid place, devoid of UV light with no vibration upsetting the aging process. The exclusive Dometic "absorption" process guarantees wine storage without any vibrations at all and consistent temperature of your wine cellar from top to bottom!
  • Only Dometic's exclusive, patented absorption technology, with no working motor, compressor or moving parts can guarantee storage without any vibration.

As a result of Dometic's exclusive "absorption" technology (invented by Electrolux), Dometic wine cellars don't use a traditional motor or compressor, therefore they don't generate unwanted vibrations and uniquely function in complete silence. With no moving parts, your cellar is guaranteed an exceptionally long life.

The Absorption System - How Does It Work?

It's an absorption system using a solution of ammonia in water, which is heated, then pumped into the absorber sending the ammonia vapor up to the condenser. In the condenser the vapor is cooled into a fluid, which runs off into the low temperature evaporator where it evaporates into a weak ammonia hydrogen atmosphere.

During the evaporation cycle, the liquid ammonia absorbs the heat on one side, while creating a cold environment on the other. This principle does not require the aid for a traditional motor or compressor, as a result these cabinets function in complete silence!


Absorption: a technique that lowers the temperature without the use of a motor or compressor!
Ideal for maturing wine.

Electronic Temperature Regulation:
All you need to do is key in the chosen temperature - usually 12°C (53.6°F) or 13°C (55.4°F) - and your cellar will work automatically, producing heat or cold as required taking into consideration external temperature conditions.

Evaporator with Fins & Controlled Moisture:
Thanks to its original evaporator design, the Dometic Wine Cellar controls moisture using a large size fin package, which prevents ice build up. The natural air circulation loads itself with condensation humidity when passing through the fins.

Carbon Air Filter & Ventilation:
If your wine cellar is located in a room carrying odors likely to have adverse affects on wine, the carbon filter will act as a natural barrier. It constantly circulates the air in the cellar preventing the risk of mold.


  • Digital controls for temperature adjustment
  • Regulation of Temperature: 45°F - 65°F (8°C - 18°C)
  • Mixture of Sliding & Fixed Shelves to maximize your bottle capacity
  • Door Lock Keeps Your Fine Wines Secure
  • Right-Hand Door Swing
  • 4 Height-Adjustable Feet
  • Easy to Use and Energy Efficient
  • Maintains Ideal Humidity Level (Between 50% and 70%)
  • Condensation collection tray
  • Low air evacuation outlet
  • Single temperature cabinets
  • Wooden models are an autumn cherry wood color


Location: Can you build this cabinet in?    Almost.

A cabinet that can truly act as a built in unit has front venting capability.  The Dometic line of cabinets is not front venting, they require air circulation around the cabinet in order to operate most efficiently. It is recommended that you leave a 1" air space on both sides of the cabinet and 4" on the top.

Securing your cabinet:
Because there is not a compressor at the bottom of the cabinet like other coolers which helps to anchor the cabinet, it is strongly suggested that you use the enclosed tether strap to fasten cabinet to the wall.


2 years parts and service.
"In home" warranty applicable for major city locations.
For more information on warranty and list of service centers in your area, please see Dometic's website @ www.edometic.com



Cooling Technology: Absorption
Insulation: Polyurethane Foam – Minimum 2”
Exterior Material: Isoplast
Interior Material: Pre-Varnished Galvanized Metal
Min. thickness of insulation (mm): 50
Energy consumption @ amb temp +20°C (kWh/24h):
*Average consumption in 24 hours at 77°F mean ambient annual temperature according to ISO standards.
1.25 for CS52
1.85 for CS160
2.15 for CS200
Cable length (m): 1.95 or 6ft
Anti-odor filter: Active charcoal filter
Double glazed glass door: Low emission glass for UV protection

What should Dometic Wine Storage mean to you? Ideally your wine collection will be consistently stored at an exactly controlled temperature, in a humid place devoid of UV light and without vibration upsetting the aging process. With Dometic, all this can be yours!

The exclusive Dometic “absorption” process, guarantees wine storage without any vibrations, while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the wine cabinet. Because this patented absorption technology is designed without the need for a working motor, compressor or any other moving parts, your wines can now be allowed to age in peace and quiet! Why is this so crucial? Owning a wine cabinet that possesses this feature guarantees your unit an exceptionally long life of well preserved wines!

Choose from our 52, 160 or 200 series wine cabinets that come in a variety of options for cabinet and door design and finish.

All Dometic Cabinets are available for shipping within the United States of America (USA) and Canada.


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