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EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave wine cabinets offer 1,2,3 and Multi-Temperature cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes and shelving configurations.  

Extreme climate conditions? Many of the EuroCave wine fridge cabinets are able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 35° Celsius.

Since the 1970's EuroCave has been a pioneer in the design & production of quality climate controlled cabinets, created specifically for wine






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PURE Vieillitheque Series
PURE Vieillitheque Series

The PURE Vieillitheque Series by EuroCave is a line of single temperature wine cabinets dedicated to maturing wine. The PURE line also offers an excellent design that allows the wine cabinets to be environmentally friendly by significantly reducing their energy consumption.

The PURE series wine cabinets are all sold with MAXIMUM SLIDING SHELVES.

Revelation Series
Revelation Series

Elite line EuroCave. 

Best Warranty of any wine cabinet on the market.  

PREM - Premiere - Essentielle
PREM - Premiere - Essentielle

The same great Eurocave name at a more affordable price point!
The PREM - Premiere - Essentielle Series offers terrific EuroCave technology.
Stores from 92 to 235 Bottles.


Inspiration is the wine cabinet to install in your kitchen!

Built in or Flush mount fit - these narrow depth wine storage cabinets work perfectly in kitchen or bar area.  


Compact/Built-In Wine Fridge
Compact/Built-In Wine Fridge

This Built-in Series allows for zero clearance for your wine cabinet.
Same Hydro+ humidity management offered in the Classic Series.
Stainless Steel Doors available as an option.
Small & Large sizes available both with front venting.

Eurocave Built-in Wine Cabinets

Professional ShowCave
Professional ShowCave

EuroCave Inoa cooled cabinets with presentation shelves housed within a Professional ShowCave.   

La Petite - Tête à tête
La Petite - Tête à tête

Small Bottle capacity - Thermoelectric unit ideal for condo's or where space is a concern.

Preserve open bottles and store closed bottles of wine all in one cabinet.

Two open bottles stored with exclusive Vacuum technology


Optional Extra Shelves
Please note cabinet will come with Standard Configuration
(or configuration indicated).
This cost is for additional/different shelves.

Additional shipping charges will apply if shelves are ordered without cabinet.


Eurocave wine refrigerator filters.

Humidor - EuroCave
Humidor - EuroCave

Like any natural product, cigars require specific care. They must be protected from extreme temperatures and stored in a moist environment. Cigars are generally stored at 17°C with roughly 70% of relative humidity. EuroCave offers a similar technology as researched for their wine cabinet line within the humidor to supply superior regulation of humidity and temperature. 

Humidity Increaser - Kit Hygro+
Humidity Increaser - Kit Hygro+

Clay cylinder to help increase humidity within wine cabinets. 




EuroCave Wine Cabinets

PURE  -  This elegant and understated successor to the hugely popular Classic series is more energy efficient and quieter than ever before thanks to improved insulation – better for the environment inside the cabinet and out.  New Pure features include halo LED perimeter strip lighting with three settings and a removable handle on full glass door models.  Removable/adjustable Main du Sommelier cradles support each bottle in protective isolation.  Choice of three sizes, two door types and two standard shelving configurations.  


REVELATION - Dubbed the “jewel in the crown” of its cabinets, EuroCave’s Revelation is a perfect harmony of design and leading technology.  In addition to all the great features of the Pure, the Revelation also boasts two thermometers (one digital, one manual as a fail-safe back-up), double frost protection, a set of write-on reusable shelf labels and a EuroCave-best 5-yr. parts and labour warranty – true luxury in wine cellaring.  Choice of two sizes, two door types and two standard shelving configurations. . 

CLASSIC SERIES - The Classic Series by EuroCave offers wine cabinets that combine design and technology offering a wide choice of temperature ranges and EuroCave’s best features.  Classic is the most popular of the EuroCave cabinets as these chilling units come complete with humidity cassette to maintain more consistent humidity levels, a full glass (FG) door and elegant pub style handle.  Also, a more advanced control panel allowing for built in diagnostic tools and cabinet lighting.

ESSENTIELLE (PREMIER) SERIES - The Premier/Essentielle Wine Cabinets are a simple and reliable series that meets the essential criteria of aging. Purely design for maturing wine. This series of wine refrigerators is a almost identical to the Classic line, however has a framed glass door with integrated handle and a simpler control panel to keep cost down - no lights and no fan.  This line is a great value as the compressor, cabinet body, and cabinet shelves are the same as the Classic line.

NEOFRESH SERIES - 5000 PROFESSIONAL SERIES - The NeoFresh range of wine cellars with delicate clean design lines, and over all low energy consumption, suitable for residential or commercial applications. Primarily designed for the commercial market with increased insulation and steel kick plate door to help protect against the wear and tear of commercial applications and restaurant life.  Professional Series door and kick-plate for more challenging environments.  No lava rocks for humidity assistance. 

3000 SERIES - Professional Series for wine lovers on a budget. Plastic moulded interior, 

COMPACT / BUILT-IN SERIES - The Built in (Compact) Wine cellars are designed to fit perfectly in your kitchen with dimensions adapted to the constraints of cabinetry.  Same technology as the Classic series but specifically designed for built in applications as the units are front vented. These wine fridges be used for both long term maturing of wine, or set colder for serving wine.  A beautiful accent to any bar or kitchen environment. 

LA PETITE - Thermoelectric wine coolers,  ideal for environments where space is a concern.  This small wine cooler is often used in condo's or modern decor.  Comes with glass table top to serve dual function. 



EuroCave Wine Cabinets - General Information

EuroCave, the inventor of the Wine Cabinet.  

EuroCave wine cabinets offer 1,2,3 and Multi-Temperature cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes and shelving configurations.  

Extreme climate conditions? Many of the EuroCave cabinets are able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 35° Celsius.

Operating since 1976, EuroCave has earned its international renown for quality wine preservation systems. All of our EuroCave cabinets are available with Glass or Solid Door and in any of the colors offered by Eurocave.

Rosehill wants to ensure our customers are educated about the entire EuroCave line-up and what is available. That is why we have listed the full range of EuroCave product on our website. The Origine, Essentielle, La Petite and NeoFresh Series should be readily available. The Classic and Compact may be a special order item depending on your selection. Please contact for availability. The Origine, Essentielle, La Petite, NeoFresh & Classic Series are Free-Standing. The Compact/Built-in series can be built-in.



The EuroCave Commitments:

1) To provide the most suitable product for your circumstances

EuroCave products are designed specifically for wine storage - they are not adaptations of a more general storage or refrigeration product. Every EuroCave product category (wine cabinet, storage system or cellar conditioner) is the culmination of detailed and lengthy research. This catalogue provides a selection guide and information on the strong points and weak points of the main technologies on the market and tables of the technical specifications for each product presented.

This allows you to make your choice with the benefit of all appropriate information.

2) The EuroCave international after sales service
The EuroCave international service desk is available to all EuroCave distributors on more than 70 countries. This allows local factory trained engineers to access on-line technical support run by manufacturer's professional staff to enable the diagnosis of a problem and the provision of a solution. Manufacturer's original spare parts can be promptly dispatched to your distributor to enable even the most complex problem can be quickly and efficiently solved. This service is the assurance that irrespective of what country your EuroCave product is installed in, you will have rapid and efficient after sales service.
3) Testing and checking of every product
The EuroCave quality controls largely exceed the requirements of the EN 60335:
  • Standard Cold circuit seal test on 100% of wine cabinets.
  • Electrical safety test on 100% of wine cabinets.
  • Final control bearing on 40 check points and operational test on 100% of cabinets enabling validation of the dispatched cabinet's conformity to the order.
4) Compliance with ecological standards
EuroCave subscribes to the objectives of Sustainable Development.
For example, the EuroCave cabinets and air conditioners use a CFC free cooling liquid that respects the ozone layer. The wood used to manufacture the racks comes from plantations approved by the SGS Audit Program.


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