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Howard Miller Retired Furniture


Howard Miller Retired Furniture.

These Howard Miller Wine & Spirits cabinets are no longer available. 

We’ve only created the running list below due to numerous requests from customers and uncertainty with which models are current. The list represents “retired” items by Howard Miller. 

  • New York Loft: HM695-104
  • Riesling: HM690-018
  • Chardonnay: HM690-020
  • Santa Cruz: HM690-026
  • Ithaca Bar: HM693-000
  • Saranac Bar: HM693-002
  • Syracuse Bar: HM693-003
  • Naples Bar: HM693-004
  • Ithaca Back Bar Console: HM693-019
  • Corinth Bar: HM693-023
  • Fontaine: HM695-000
  • Old Mission: HM695-006
  • Madrid: HM695-008
  • Peninsula: HM695-101
  • Durant: HM695-103
  • Saranac Bar Stool: HM697-002
  • Syracuse Bar Stool: HM697-003
  • Naples Bar Stool: HM697-004
  • Metropolis Wine Cabinet: HM690-004
  • Montgomery Wine Cabinet: HM690-014
  • Arden Wine Cabinet: HM695-090

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