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Koolspace KoolR Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Koolspace KoolR Wine Cellar Cooling Units

KoolR wine cellar cooling units by Koolspace are "Through the Wall" wall mounted cooling units for interior applications. These wine cellar cooler units are very quiet and are available in two models to choose from with very reasonable prices.  KoolR up to 300 cubic Feet and KoolRPlus up to 600 cubic Feet and are Ideally installed above a door.  (Please note the x2 models are just two of the respective models) 






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KoolR Plus (Magnum) Wine Cooling Unit


KoolR Plus (Magnum) Wine Cooling Unit


The Koolspace KoolRPLUS (Magnum - KoolR 600) cooling unit offers a wine cellar cooling capacity is up to 600 cubic feet. (or 900)

Cooling unit measures 15"d x 15 1/2"w x 9 1/8"h




US $643.00

KoolR Magnum x 2 Wine Cooling Unit


KoolR Magnum x 2 Wine Cooling Unit

The KoolR PLUS X 2 is simply 2 of the  KoolR Plus (magnum) wine cellar cooling units.

Magnum - KoolR 600



US $1,230.00

Koolspace KoolR Compact Wine Cooling Unit

GRILL IS ON THE WARM SIDE. This picture shows the backside of the cooling unit. (i.e. how the unit will look from the adjacent room.)
Please note the digital display for the koolR is NOT inside the wine cellar.



The koolR wine cellar cooling units come with a silver colored grill which is visible from the adjacent room. This is to allow the exterior grill to blend in better with the wall decor in the adjacent room. The grill can be painted if you desire.

koolR™ is the standard for which others measure the noise of their wine cooling units. Leading the industry in efficiency, power and quality, Koolspace™ electronic wine cellar cooling units are the right choice for any climate controlled wine cellar. Koolspace™ .  Koolspace™ wine cellar cooling units incorporate the world's smallest controller in its class.

Koolspace™ cooling units need to vent through a wall to an adjacent air conditioned space (interior room or hallway) in your home. They are not designed to go through the ceiling, floor or ductwork or directly to the outside.

  • The koolR should ideally be installed above a door as it does need air circulation around and below the unit.
  • The koolR™ cooling units digital temperature display is on warm side of cooling unit so you see cellar temperature without going into the wine cellar.  
  • Super smart controls sense cellar conditions and adjust power levels automatically.
  • These units will run as quietly as your conditions allow, giving you precise temperature and higher humidity levels around the clock.
  • super energy efficient, hi-temperature alarm, humidity warning, and vibration suppression system.
  • koolR™ cooling units need to vent through a wall to an adjacent interior room or large hallway in your home. They are not designed to go through the ceiling, floor or ductwork or directly to the outside.
  • Please read the owner's manual. These units must be installed high in the room.

What's new about the KoolR units...

Quick mounting, reduced vibration and thickest epoxied copper in the industry.

How are they installed?...

koolR™ cooling units need to vent through a wall to an adjacent climate controlled interior room.
They are not designed to go through the ceiling, floor or ductwork or directly to the outside.
The are also not designed to be installed in a small cabinet as these units need clearance to the front, sides and bottom for air circulation.

Clearing up some misconceptions about Koolspace...

  • Injection molded clamshell design - sleek and modern - superior engineering
  • Quietest wall mounted cooling units on the market because of the fan technology.

What Else you Should Know...

A wine cooling unit is a major investment and the most important component of your wine cellar. Before you buy, ask a few simple questions:

What is the true power rating?

Compressors are sized according to the BTU rating, however the TRUE cooling power of a unit has to do with the size of the coils and the fans. koolR™ has been tested in against a series of leading competitors with same size compressor. With koolR's™ larger coils and greater airflow - there really was no contest!

What about the key components?

Koolspace spends a lot more on components like Embraco compressors, hi-flow axial fans and stainless steel. Others save a bundle with offshore parts, then they charge more for their products!

What about noise?

koolR™ is engineered for quiet, with an exclusive Acoustic Isolation Chamber, koolR™ produces far less noise, with much greater airflow than others.

Are digital controls necessary?

Absolutely! Electronic controls maximize efficiency as well as guarantee longer life and our controls are the world's smallest and most advanced. Digital controls with LED are standard, not an upgrade!

The digital display is on the warm side of the cellar. Meaning you cannot read the digital display when you are inside the cellar, you need to stand in the adjacent room and look at the back of the unit. This is actually very desirable as you'll be able to see temperature within the cellar without needing to open the door to check.

The digital temperature range of the koolR is 52ºF (11ºC) Max. 64ºF (18ºC)

What about electrical needs?

All koolR units plug into standard North American household outlet. Dedicated preferred. Electrical outlet should be inside the cellar.

Is the unit certified?

Shocking, but most wine cooling units are not certified. Every koolR™ is CSA,UL C and CE-Certified to the most rigorous international standards.

What about vibration isolation?

Only the koolR™ line of wine cellar cooling unit, with their multi-point isolation, can claim to eliminate the vibration created by all of the major components as well as the exterior housing.

What happens to the condensate?

Some systems use manual electric condensate evaporators, which waste energy and efficiency, to boil away their excessive condensation. KoolR™ uses the condensate to cool the system and increase efficiency. This saves energy and maintains higher humidity.

What about corrosion-resistance?

Aging wines generate acetic acid, which can shorten the life of your coils. koolR's™ hermetically-sealed controller, E-coated coils and cabinet give corrosion protection like no other.

What about price?

Compare, compare, compare. Feature for feature, dollar for dollar, compare koolR™ with any other wine cooling unit available. KoolR™ has a refined design, more features and better value than any other.

Anything else we should know?

Yes - Each koolR™ wine cellar cooling unit features:

  • Multi-level vibration suppression system
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • All digital temperature sensing
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Super-bright LED display
  • Excess humidity warning
  • High temperature alarm - with audible & visual signals
  • Pop-in mounting
  • Plugs into standard Household Outlet
  • Computerized airflow
  • Corrosion-proof lining
  • Plastic coated coils

If you would like racking as well, we will be happy to customize a design and obtain a shipping quote for your entire order to go to the Wine Racks Page.

Our Koolspace wine cellar cooling units are a stock item and are readily available for shipment to destinations within the United States of America (USA) and Canada.

Koolspace KoolR Compact Wine Cooling Unit


Koolspace KoolR Compact Wine Cooling Unit

Designed for interior applications, KoolR wine cellar cooling units by Koolspace are the ideal choice for ‘Through the Wall’, wall mounted cellar installations. Both very reasonable in price, we offer both KoolR and KoolR Plus cooling units which have a cooling range of wine cellars from 300 – 600 cubic feet.

Why are KoolR coolers so great? Not only are they energy efficient but they are also whisper quiet with a much greater air flow – an ideal feature when needing to install a wine cellar cooling unit indoors. The KoolR cooling units have to be installed above a door so as to allow the air to circulate around and below the unit.

While the KoolR and KoolR Plus climate control wine cellar cooling units will be installed through the wall, this feature is also a plus because the digital display is accessed exterior to the cellar, meaning you won’t even have to enter your cellar to monitor the temperature readings!

MARCH 2016 - ALERT - The Manufacturer has just discontinued the smaller Piccolo KoolR - we are still in the process of updating our website with current information, but have taken the KoolR Piccolo offline.  


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