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Vino Pins - Peg System

Model: VV-VP

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VV-VP, Vino Pins Peg System in brushed aluminum or black, price shown is for 1 set of pegs (2 pegs) can hold 1 bottle of wine. 

Extensions can be added to allow for two or three bottle deep.  

Mounts from the front - Easy install.  

Please note the acrylic is ONLY available as a single deep peg.  


Label forward, front mounting, wine rack system installs on existing drywall, wood or masonry walls. Choose your designated pegs based on the mounting wall to ensure you have the appropriate mounting brackets.

Vino Pins come standard as a one bottle deep peg system, but with the extension kits you can easily convert to a two or three bottle deep storage system. This is the only metal peg system that mounts directly to various surfaces from the front. No need for CNC drilled panels or the installation of heavy panels. Thickness of drywall, wood, or your wall must be 1/2-inch or greater. The appropriate hardware is included for mounting from the front, so you need to know in advance how these pegs will be installed.

Hallelujah! This is the most innovative product we’ve seen for wine racking storage in years!! The Vino Pins finally answer the need for a floating peg system, but they can be mounted from the front. So there are no tricky cumbersome panels required.

Collars (included) are required for all dry wall installations, optional for wood and masonry installations.

Vino Pins display the standard 750 mL, 375 mL and 1.5 L wine bottles.  

Please note that the 1.5 L will only work with a single deep configuration by overlapping off the front of the peg.  However, VP MAG spacers are now available.  The spacers get inserted between the extension pegs to create a wide space for bottles to rest; allowing for magnum bottles to be displayed in the 2 deep and 3 deep configurations.   

The freedom of the Vino Pins allows for the random installation of the pegs on various surfaces. Choose your own width and height to suit your space. Designed for both residential and commercial use.

Brushed Aluminum or anodized Black finish for a modern look for your wine collection. 

See Additional Information tab if present for more details

Vino Pins are an innovative wine peg system to hold bottles securely to the wall while displaying the label of the bottle.  See your wine collection at a single glance.  The great thing about the Vino Pins is that they mount directly into the wall via the appropriate fasteners.  No need for mounting panels.  

Walls need to be 1/2" or greater. Collars are needed if install is going into drywall.

Brushed Aluminmum or anodized Black available for color choices.  

The mounting hardware is included for drywall & wood applications.  The hardware for masonry applications is extra.  We've indicated the charge for 1 masonry fastener & drill bit in the pricing section above.  The pricing will go down if 10 or more sets are ordered.  Please inquire for custom quote or request price adjustment

Please note the line drawing shows the Vino Pin with one extension to demonstrate how they are installed on the wall and the dimensions.  The singular package is for the two pegs of the starter kit for one bottle.  The Extensions are an add on.  


The vino pins can be installed as 1, 2, or 3 bottles deep for the BLACK & ALUMINIUM Pins. 



If using collars as indicated in this picture, please add 1/2" to the line drawing measurements listed above.  


The image below is a combined showcase displaying both Vino Pins and Vino Rails peg systems. The result is a unique and modern wine display in a commercial bar setting. 


Want Cheaper Delivery? The more you order, the cheaper delivery becomes!! Please check out delivery pricing in shopping cart for multiples of this item or a combination of various accessories.

We have minimum shipping cost in place so initial delivery may seem high if ordering a single item.  Add two of the same item or other accessories to the cart and your shipping rate will go up marginally. 

Vino Pins Instruction Manuals for Various Surfaces: 

Vino Pins Instruction Manual: Drywall Surfaces (Part 1)
Vino Pins Instruction Manual: Drywall Surfaces (Part 2)

Vino Pins Instruction Manual: Masonry Surfaces (Part 1)
Vino Pins Instruction Manual: Masonry Surfaces (Part 2)

Vino Pins Instruction Manual: Wood Surfaces (Part 1)
Vino Pins Instruction Manual: Wood Surfaces (Part 2)

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