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Metal Wine Racks by VintageView

Metal Wine Racks by VintageView

VintageView metal wine racks are stylish storage solutions that blend into the background to showcase wine bottles on display with their labels facing out. This is great way to begin collecting wine!

VintageView’s Wall Series is the original and best label-forward metal wine rack on the market today. The system is used by interior designers and building professionals all over the world. This patented wine rack started a heretofore unknown wine storage movement of putting bottles on the wall like modern art. A very contemporary and practical way to store your wine, a wall mounted wine rack also works well where space is limited such as behind pantry doors, or in narrow hallways.

All metal wine racks are available in Black Satin or Platinum Finish (Brushed Nickel) for immediate delivery. Chrome and Black Chrome may have slightly longer lead times. Please also see the retail display island and the POP rack.

No walls to attach wine racks? Want to have glass front with racks that appear to be attached to it? Look at the floor/ceiling mounts for wine racks.

Metal wine racks can be custom fit into any space:

Read more info below...

WS31/41 Single Depth Style


WS31/41 Single Depth Style

Single Deep
Wine bottle cradle rods protrude from wall 5-1/2"
WS31 - 36" high holds 9 bottles
WS41 - 48" high holds 12 bottles

US $78.00

WS32/42 - Double Depth Metal Wine Rack


WS32/42 - Double Depth Metal Wine Rack

Double depth VintageView metal wine rack is a wall wine rack with cradle rods that protrude from wall 8". Wine rack options include the WS32 - 36" high holds 18 bottles and WS42 - 48" high holds 24 bottles,

US $82.00

WS33/43 - Triple Depth Metal Wine Rack


WS33/43 - Triple Depth Metal Wine Rack

Triple Deep
Wine bottle cradle rods protrude from wall 12"
WS33 - 36" high holds 27 bottles
WS43 - 48" high holds 36 bottles

US $87.00

MAG - Magnum Wall Mount Strip


MAG - Magnum Wall Mount Strip

Magnum Holder in either 1 or 2 bottle depth

Wall Mounted 

US $75.00

WS - Presentation Rack


WS - Presentation Rack

13" or 39" wide presentation wine rack
3 or 9 nine bottles of wine at 15° position
Designed to span either one or three columns of VintageView wall mounted wine racks

Can be installed on it's own or in coordination with VintageView racking.

US $39.00

Big Bottle Wall Mount


Big Bottle Wall Mount

Big bottle wall wine rack fits large format bottles up to 6L.

Those are pretty big bottles.....

US $84.00

Point of Purchase Rack


Point of Purchase Rack

Great for retail applications
Wine display that is portable and easy to handle
Allows convenient customer selection
Easy product placement and restocking
27 bottles of storage

US $105.00

Retail Display Racking (IDR)


Retail Display Racking (IDR)

Great for retail applications or modern cellars where free standing racking is needed.

For other retail racking please see our
Retail Metal Wine Racks.

Floor Ceiling Mount Wine Racks


Floor Ceiling Mount Wine Racks

Position wine racks adjacent to glass with the FCF frames.   Ideal for restaurants & corporate environments. 

See Floor Ceiling Mount Wine Racks

Vino Styx - single bottle holder


Vino Styx - single bottle holder

Vino Styx - single bottle holder

US $10.00

Wine Glass Rack


Wine Glass Rack

Glass Wine Rack

US $33.00

VintageView Accessories


VintageView Accessories

VintageView metal wine rack accessories including retail display tags, Mounting Screws for Drywall or Masonry and Bottle Retention Straps.

Click here to see a selection of VintageView's IDR Accessories.

Evolution Series Wine Racks 4-foot Base

Evolution Series Wine Racks 4-foot Base

Evolution – free standing, label forward Wine Racks. 

Steel Rods with Acrylic Support Panels.

US $1,010.00

Vertical Wine Perch


Vertical Wine Perch

One bottle wine Perch holds bottle in upright position securely.  Bottle is held securely at both base and neck to display bottle label. 

US $27.00

» VintageView Wine Racks - General Info

The VintageView WS Series are metal wine racks that are a great solution for wine storage in narrow spaces such as hallways, under staircases, on kitchen walls and behind sinks. The collection of wall wine racks come standard in either 36" or 48" heights.

At an additional cost, these wine racks can be cut in height to suit your space.

VintageView Metal Wine Rack

PleaseClick Hereto view our VintageView Metal racking systems and
Floor Ceiling Mount racking gallery!



Available in single, double, and triple bottle deep configurations, as well as 36" and 48" tall lengths. The VintageView metal wine rack is ideal to store as little as 9 bottles or as many as ten's of thousands. This is because it is possible to grow your VintageView collection along with your wine collection.

Four standard colors to choose from: Black, Platinum, Black Pearl, Chrome

Black and Platinum are available for immediate delivery, the Black Pearl and Chrome may take a bit longer for delivery.


Platinum (Brushed Nickel) : brushed nickel finish of the Platinum racks provide a modern and contemporary look.

Black Satin: is a flat black.


Black Chrome: Metallic Black (almost a mirror finish), formerly known as Black Pearl

Chrome: High polished sheen


Please Note: Custom colors are available, please inquire upon placing your order.

Please Click Here to view more images of our VintageView Metal racking systems and Floor Ceiling Mount racking.

VintageView Metal racking systems

Custom finishes also available:

Custom metal plated finishes includes Bright Brass, copper and other finishes. Additionally, we offer virtually any color powder coat to complement even the most unique wall colors. Pricing will vary depending on product, color and quantity, please inquire. Custom finishes 8-10 week typical lead time



Available in one bottle, two bottle and three bottle deep configurations, as well as three and four foot tall lengths. Protective caps are provided to cover attachment holes and rubber tips are installed on the ends of the rods.

All VintageView metal wine racks are made by professional welders using steel rods and rectangular steel structural brackets.


These unique metal wine racks will give you a different look in your cellar and can be incorporated with your wood wine racking.

  • Wine bottles look like they are floating in mid-air.
  • Identify your collection at a glance with labels facing towards you.
  • Racks can be stacked for limitless height and easily cut.
  • No need to make custom displays, these metal wine racks can be cut to fit your specialty niche.
  • Can fit in narrow spaces.
  • Customized heights available

If you would like a cooling unit as well, we will be happy to customize a design and obtain a shipping quote for your entire order. Click Here to go to Cooling Unit Pages.

All of our Metal VintageView Wine Racks are a stock item and are readily available for shipment within the USA and Canada.


Please Click Hereto view more images of our VintageView Metal racking systems and Floor Ceiling Mount racking.

Wood/plywood/drywall : #8 x (2" long) Drywall: Spiral Inserts (Metal or Plastic) Concrete: Masonry Screw (Tapcon) 3/16" x 1 3/4" Drywall: Toggle Bolt Drywall: Molly Bolt

VintageView can be installed on any wall surface; we suggest the following for installation.

* toggle bolt or Molly at the top mounting hole position and spiral inserts on the bottom two are often choice of install for drywall applications.

The required mounting kits can be purchased at local hardware supply store. We can supply the required mounting hardware for drywall or masonry applications if required.
Please specify at time of ordering about $2.50 per set.
Each Fastener Kit is good for one VintageView Rack in either height:
VV-MISC-F-DW - Drywall Fastener Kit - 4 spiral inserts, 2 hollow wall anchors.
VV-MISC-F-MS - Masonry Fastener Kit - 6 Masonry Screws

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