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Whisperkool 4000 Platinum Split Cooling Unit (Ducted)


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The Fully Ducted Platinum Split cooling unit allows for a virtually silent wine cellar. The wine cellar cooling system uses WhisperKool's liquid bottle probe for monitoring the wines' temperature.

The evaporator portion may be installed up to 25 duct feet from the cellar. The Fully Ducted 4000 Platinum Split system can accommodate cellars up to 1000 cubic feet.

  • Virtually silent operation
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Humidity control
  • Alarm options
  • 55°F temperature delta
  • Condensor can be placed outdoors with the Exterior Housing option

Model Specifications

Evaporator: 20.5”W x 15.5”H x 20”D
Condenser: 12”W x 13.5”H x 18”D

Insulated Line Set: 



Drainline: 1/2” ID clear plastic tubing

The Split System does NOT come with its own line set.


8” Supply
10”Return (not supplied)


Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 

See Additional Information tab if present for more details


WhisperKOOL Split System Series

The WhisperKOOL Split Wine Cellar Cooling System requires professional installation by a licensed refrigeration technician.

WhisperKOOL's Split Systems combine industry leading components with a elegantly simple engineering to offer quiet and efficient operation for an optimal wine storage environment.

The Platinum Split

The Platinum Split sets the standard for in cellar split system installations. The platinum line allows for improved airflow efficiency (25%) and operates 10% quieter than the previous split systems. At the same time it is 35% smaller than the previous split system (4000 & 7000).
The split system still uses Vinotheque's liquid bottle probe for monitoring the actual liquid temperature. The fully Ducted system allows for virtually silent cellar as unit is mounted up to 25 duct feet from the cellar.

  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Advanced electronic control system
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Flexible installation
  • Condensing unit can be placed outdoors w/optional housing
  • KDT controller allows for wall mount or flush mount installs.  
  • Effective April 2017, all ceiling mount splits to come with KDT Plus controller  


Ceiling Mount Upgraded System Features:   2020 enhancements to the 4000/8000 & Twin ceiling Mount cooling system include:  

- line set, drain line and electrical will now be located at the bottom of the evaporator allowing for easier access
-multiple fan speeds to allow allow for quieter setting.  
- superior e-coating on the coils for longevity.  
- flare fittings to make installation easier for the HVAC technician
- improved grill for better airflow in cellar
-Redesigned internal grill (Bee-hive pattern) reduces noise by 10 dB
-Recommend using PVC drain line for better longevity, no kinks or leaks to worry about






Designed with Wine Storage in mind: The WhisperKOOL split systems are designed to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels. Allowing for these optimal conditions is conducive to the proper aging of fine wines.

Humidity control: The Split System cooling units are designed to maintain relative humidity at 50-70%. The proper Humidity level is managed through the design and engineering of the unit. There are no separate switches for controlling humidity.

Quiet State of Art Operation: Years of experience with our self contained cooling units has resulted in a revolutionary design that accounts for a number of environmental conditions unique to wine cellars. WhisperKOOL's Split Systems combine industry leading components with a elegantly simple engineering to offer quiet and efficient operation for an optimal wine storage environment.

Flexible Indoor/Outdoor Condenser Installations: These Split Systems offer the ability to install the condenser up to 100 feet away from the wine cellar, in either indoor or outdoor conditions. The split system's flexibility when it comes to installation is a home builders and architects dream.

Temperature Differential:

The WhisperKOOL PLATINUM split system is designed with a 70-degree temperature differential. That means the unit can operate effectively even if the ambient temperature outside (or where ever the condenser unit is mounted) is a scorching 125 degree heat.

The Split Cooling System includes both the evaporator and condenser units. If you will be putting the condenser outside, you will need the optional exterior housing.


WSS COLDSTARTER, Cold Weather Starter Kit - now included with Whisperkool Split system

Worried about your cooling unit functioning properly in the cold? The Cold Weather Starter Kit will melt all of your worries away, and keep your wine at the ideal temperature. 

The Cold Weather Starter Kit is designed as an electronic bypass system made to ensure that your cooling unit's pressure stays at optimal levels. When it gets cold outside the pressure within your cooling system drops. This causes a problem for cooling systems that have a pump down cycle and a low pressure switch that turns the compressor on and off. If the temperature falls below 20°F the pressure will be too minimal to turn on the compressor causing a major problem. Fortunately, the Cold Weather Starter Kit can save the day, by bypassing the low pressure switch on start-up and keeping the pressure high enough so that your unit can even function at -15°F! 

Extends Condensing Unit's cold weather tolerance from 20°F/-6.5°C to -15°F/-27°C. 

If the condenser will be placed outside, you will also need the exterior enclosure.



WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Feature:

A new generation of wine cellar cooling units... Engineered for superior performance:


Condensate evaporator system

WhisperKOOL designed their wine cellar cooling systems to collect and dissipate any excessive condensation which may accumulate during the cooling process. First a heating element can burn off the collected condensate and evaporates it through exhaust ports on the rear of the unit. Secondly, all WhisperKOOL's units come with a drain line necessary for the removal of any additional condensate. This drain line is an essential back up system for the Condensate Evaporator, and is strongly recommended. If the unit is installed in a high humidity area, WhisperKOOL suggest that its employment is mandatory.



For the Split System series, a 24V option is also available which allows you to tie into your home electronic thermostat or home automation system, please inquire.  



Like most wine cellar cooling units, these units are designed to be positioned high on the wall in the wine cellar. Think warm air rises; cold air falls. 

In a properly constructed wine cellar, the WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling system is designed to cool your wine collection between 50°F to 70°F.


Additional Shipping charges may be charged for accessory items ordered on their own without the cooling unit. 



Decibel Chart

WhisperKOOL Split System Series - Decibel Chart

Home Automation System tie in - If using own thermostat with the optional 24Volt conversion kit to connect to wifi then you will not be able to us the whisperkool bottle probe option.   The 24V option allows you to connect to own selected thermostat technology to monitor & control your cellar environment remotely via a smart device.  Please inquire on pricing.   



All WhisperKOOL Split Wine Cellar cooling systems are available for shipping within the USA and Canada.  WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units are American made units produced in Stockton, CA, California, United States, 95205, USA. 


If you would like wine racking as well, we will be happy to customize a design and obtain a shipping quote for your entire order. CLICK HERE to go to our wine racks pages.


Shipped directly from the manufacturer so you get the most up to date technology available. 

California State Proposition 65  - units contain trace amounts of titanium dioxide, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. 


US shipping cost is fixed for all of continental US. Extra charges may apply for Hawaii and Alaska.

Canadian shipping cost indicated is to major Canadian city. Extra charges may apply within Canada for smaller towns or remote locations.


Please inspect for any damage and verify the number of boxes as compared to the waybill. Please indicate any damage, wear & tear to boxes or discrepancies while you are signing for the shipment.

Please count your boxes and inspect for damage prior to signing receipt of boxes.


Please report damage to us as soon as possible. Generally it is better to accept the box(es) indicating damage on the waybill as opposed to refusing the shipment.

We will ship you new replacement items immediately, at no charge, as long as you indicated on the waybill that there was damage. We insure all items we ship, however, in order to make a claim it must be started within 4 business days of shipping.

If you discover damage after the delivery person has left or you did not sign for the items received please contact us as well as contacting the shipping company right away.

Please be assured that we stand behind our products and our shipping methods. You buy with confidence when you buy from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Do not throw away boxes/any packaging material!! Damaged product must remain in the original packaging in order to process damage claim. Please contact Rosehill ASAP at 1-888-253-6807.

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