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Sovereign Slimline WineKoolR Wine Cooler Cabinet - VK250

Model: 250

Please Choose:

Black Ebony


This item is currently not available for sale. Please send us an email to be put on wait list.

WineKoolR Slimline single deep - two door wine storage. 


Vintage Keeper Wine Cooler Cabinet houses up to 250 bottles of wine - Single Deep Wine Bottle Storage.

Sovereign Slimline by Wine KoolR - Two doors, single deep.  


Available in your choice of Black Ebony or Mahogany Wine finish.

Black comes with Glass door, Mahogany come with Lexan - for now......  

Dimensions: 72"H x 53 1/2"W x 19 1/2"D
Not meant to be a built in, please allow ample space around the cabinet.  

290 lbs




  • Climate Controlled Wine Cabinet : 54 - 64° range
  • Double (2)  glass doors or Lexan. 
  • Holds up to 250 750mL Bordeaux Wine Bottles, with 10% mix of half/split bottles
  • Interior Lights Included
  • Top venting cooling unit
  • Plugs into standard household outlet.


See Manuals & Warranties tab for assembly instructions.

HELPFUL HINT - write serial number down on your warranty card prior to install of the cooling unit

This WineKoolR - Vintage Keeper unit may also go by the name of:Wine KoolR,  VP 250, VP250, NUVO 250, TWE250, and Tuscany Plus

See Additional Information tab if present for more details

February 2020 - Next cabinet container for Canada is expected later in the summer.   Arrival of Wine KoolR's into the US is unknown at this time.  The factory in China had some parts issues after their move in summer 2018.  It's just ridiculous that it's taking this long to get set up, BUT, production is halted until one key staffer gives the sign off.  ALSO - The Coronavirus has halted production in the factory, so timelines really are unknown.  

We are putting everyone on an email waitlist, we are not taking actual pre-orders forcustomers due to uncertain timelines, please inquire if you would like to be added to the list.     
Please specify if you want to be on the US or Canada wait list.  


May 2015 - QUALITY ALERT - we find that the finish on some of the cabinets is not up to our expectations.  Please be advised that with a recent move of the factory in China the quality control has not been as strong.  As such, there may be minor imperfections in the finish.  Please note, this does not affect the overall quality of the cabinet and the Wine KoolR's can not be beat in price or longevity in the market - in production since the 1980's.  We do feel the need to point these recent issues out to our customers to maintain reasonable expectations.  


VINTAGE KEEPER changed the branding of the name around 2013 and is now known as WineKoolR or Wine KoolR.   A variety of sizes are available ranging from the smallest Imperial Slimline with 110 bottle capacity to the largest Goliath Double deep cabinet which allows for storage of 800 bottles.  

110 - now Imperial Slimline -
220 - now Imperial Double
250 - now Sovereign Slimline
500 - now Sovereign Double
800 - new product - Goliath  Double
400 - new product - Goliath Single

The newly designed Vintage Keeper - WineKoolR  wine cellars have 20% more bottle capacity, lightning fast assembly and over 200% more insulation value than the older generation of Vintage Keepers. The cabinets are made of reinforced stackable heavy duty honeycomb plastic which allowed the opportunity for increasing the insulation levels while reducing the overall weight and size. The shelves are also made of plastic with metal support bars running throughout.  

A neat new feature - Different than the older generation: The current cabinets are "hot air up" meaning they need unobstructed air flow at top of cabinet, but this allows the cabinets to be placed closer to the wall at the rear of the cabinet.

November 2014 - The BLACK  - Ebony cabinets have all reverted to being a glass door.  For now the Mahogany cellars will have bullet-proof (Lexan) glass doors (like Plexiglass), but this could change at any time.  

The production of older version of Vintage Keeper was likely stopped around 2009, all units produced since then are new material, new format, new sizes.  

These Wine KoolR cabinets are NOT meant to be built in.  They need LOTS of space for air circultation.  At a VERY MINIMUM you need.  3" space needed at back and on sides for ventilation and 4" space required on top BUT we do not recommend putting the cabinet into a confined space.  


WineKoolR - Vintage Keeper ™ - How It Works:

  • Ultra-quiet digital wine cooling unit.
  • Temperature range 52 to 64 degrees or set to Celsius. 
  • Two "quiet" fan settings.
  • Vibration & acoustic damping/isolation within the cooling unit.
  • Airflow is computerized.
  • Plugs into standard 15amp dedicated outlet: 115volt/15amp.
  • Running amps of the unit are 2.5A.

Where to put Your Vintage Keeper ™ Wine Cabinet:

  • The Vintage Keeper ™ is a top-exhausting wine cabinet and therefore is not to be built-in in any way. The Vintage Keeper is to sit in a climate controlled room that is well ventilated.  These wine cabinet are not meant to be built in.  Only units which specify “zero-clearance” or “built-in” can be built into cabinetry.
  • Cold cellars, garages, attics, hot laundry rooms, or outdoors are not suitable places for a Vintage Keeper to be placed.  The room in which a Vintage Keeper is placed must not exceed 80F / 27C.
  • Not designed for commercial use.
  • All Wine KoolR Wine cabinets require 3" space at back and on sides for ventilation and 4" space required on top

Bottle capacity is based on standard bordeaux bottles with a 10% mix of half bottles - so the actual bottle capacity indicated may be slightly overstated.  These cabinets are rated in bottle capacity by very efficiently loading bottles into the cabinet; the manufacturer has been able to achieve the stated capacity based on standard bordeaux bottles and 10% half bottles but you will likely have slightly less bottle capacity based on various sized bottles.     Please note, some manufacturer's may indicate large bottle capacity for similar size cabinet but this may entail a large amount of bulk storage which can be awkward. 

 The Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinet is built to CSA-US, CSA-Canada and CE International overall certification.

See Manuals & Warranties tab for assembly instructions.


Vintage Keeper wine cabinets in older generations have also been known as:  VP,  NUVO , TWE , Tuscany Plus, Odyssey or Tuscany Odyssey.

Vintage Keeper - Black

Black - Ebony Exterior .

Vintage Keeper - Mahogany

Mahogany Exterior.








Vintage Keeper Kitchen Display


Vintage Keeper cabinets are distributed throughout Toronto, Mississauga, ON, Ontario, L5T 1K4 & L5S 122, Canada, as well as in Phoenix, Arizona, 85001, United States of America.  These unassembled cabinets are widely available throughout the US and Canada. 

Drop Shipped directly to you so you are guaranteed the most up to date technology!



The Vintage Keepers are a curbside delivery.  The Vintage Keeper boxes will arrive on one skid.  Please ensure someone is on hand to receive the delivery. 

Please ensure to inspect condition prior to signing for the delivery.

DO NOT REFUSE SHIPMENT if a single box is damaged or the glass door has broken en route.  Please indicate on shipping paperwork when signing for shipment and CONTACT US - You will be shipped any needed parts.  It is too costly to refuse the entire shipment AND will cause unnecessary delays in processing your order if a new cabinet order needs to be processed.  



Important Shipping Info

US shipping cost is fixed for all of continental US. Extra charges may apply for Hawaii and Alaska.

Canadian shipping cost indicated is to major Canadian city. Extra charges may apply within Canada for smaller towns or remote locations.

Vintage Keepers are shipped unassembled unless otherwise specified. 


 Upon Receipt of Goods

Please inspect for any damage and verify the number of boxes as compared to the waybill. Please indicate any damage, wear & tear to boxes or discrepancies while you are signing for the shipment.

Please count your boxes and inspect for damage prior to signing receipt of boxes.

If You Have Damaged Goods:

Please report damage to us as soon as possible. Generally it is better to accept the box(es) indicating damage on the waybill as opposed to refusing the shipment.

We will ship you new replacement items immediately, at no charge, as long as you indicated on the waybill that there was damage. We insure all items we ship, however, in order to make a claim it must be started within 7 business days of shipping.

If you discover damage after the delivery person has left or you did not sign for the items received please contact us as well as contacting the shipping company right away.
Please be assured that we stand behind our products and our shipping methods. You buy with confidence when you buy from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Do not throw away boxes/any packaging material!! Damaged product must remain in the original packaging in order to process damage claim. Please contact Rosehill ASAP at 1-888-253-6807.

The Commitment To You:

1 year no hassle Vintage Keeper‚™ manufacturers warranty, just send in your warranty card.

Extended warranty on the cooling unit is available:  - only purchase as needed (allows for purchase of cooling unit at a reduced rate depending on how long you've owned your cabinet. 

 Please note that the Vintage Keeper‚™ manufacturer does not provide warranty outside of continental United States and Canada. Alaska and Hawaii are NOT covered by the warranty.

Manuals & Assembly Instructions

WineKoolr 120 Assembly Manual
WineKoolr 240 Assembly Manual
WineKoolr Assembly Manual 250/500
WineKoolr Assembly Manual 400/800

WineKoolr Care and Use

Please see manuals above for the assembly instructions.

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