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Millesime - Wine Racks

Millesime - Wine Racks

Contemporary wine racks with a modern flair, combining wood and metal.  

Millesime wine racks can be customized in both height and width to accommodate most any space.  


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All Star
All Star

The Millesime All Star provides for walnut U holders for bulk wine storage and double presentation rows. 

The Display
The Display


The Display provides a Classic example of the Millesime metal and wood racks combined with single deep racks and double presentation rows. 

The Works
The Works

The Works gives you everything the Millesime wine racks have to has to offer,  including table top, bulk walnut U holders, box display and presentation rows.

The Showroom
The Showroom

The Showroom - is quite literally what we chose for our showroom display of the Millesime wine racking system.  Come check out the Millesime display in our showroom.  



Wine Bottles displayed on Millesime Wine Racks.

Millesime wine displays are customizable art!   These metal rods combined with wood accessories and provides for a modern looking wine racks that are custom made to order. Their racking systems can be configured to fit any wall space, and they offer a wide variety of beautiful walnut wood finishes and metal rod colours. Other wood species are available but walnut is the standard.    

The Millesime wine rods allow for your bottles to be displayed with label presented to you either horizontally or at an angle vertically, this system stands out as a showstopper. Walnut box displays can be used for a bulk storage or tabletop to display special bottles or collectables.

These wine racks need to be fastened to the floor and either to the wall or ceiling, depending on your application. They are ideal for installing adjacent to glass where no wall mounting is available. 

Customize your rack to have 1, 2, or 3 bottle deep racking. 
Depth of the Millesime rack from wood edge to wood edge:

1 Deep: 3.5”
2 Deep: 7.5”
3 Deep: 11.5”

Modern White Glass Wine Cellar with acrylic wine racks

Acrylic ends to Millesime Wine RackKoolR Magnum wine cellar cooling and Millesime wine racks

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