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XY Pegs Kit with Backer

Model: VDG XY11

US $162.00


11 ¼” x 11 ¼” panels with 3/8” rods.
An inexpensive solution for the DIY customer.

A cheaper alternative is pre-sized panels in 11.25" x 11.25" allowing for 9 bottle capacity. 

These acrylic panels come in 5 colors, blue, black, white, grey and orange. 

As they are mounted on 1/2" MDF, they can not be back-lite.  3/8" diameter rods. 

See Additional Information tab if present for more details

The Wine Wall metal peg wine racks allows wine bottless to be displayed in an contemporary wine display. Displaying the neck of the wine bottle. 

Custom Backing is required for the peg system. It is generally better for you to source locally and have drilled locally. The pricing of our panels are high and you would need to account for over-sized shipping cost of products. 

Wood - Variety of wood Species and stains (around $35 per square foot)
Acrylic - Available in a variety of colours and can come with "back light" (around $45 per square foot)
Stainless Steel - #4 finish (around $60 per square foot) 
Aluminum - Available in a variety of colours. (around $60 per square foot) 

3/4" Backer Board Panels would be based roughly on Square Foot price and varies from about $35 to $60 per square foot. 

Customer supplied 3/4" backer board is required for the wine wall system. 

Customer is also to supply own connector bolts - These can be sourced locally at inexpensive price.  Please let us know if you wish to purchase the required Connector Bolts from us.  

In an effort to cut costs and speed availability, this vendor has stopped putting the elastic bands on the pegs themselves. Prior to install you will need to account for additional time to position the elastic bands in place.  YES, we agree that this tedious task should be done at the factory and have expressed our concerns - we just wanted to let you know what to expect when you open the box.  


Wine Wall Example - 29"w x 57" h stainless steel backing is roughly 11 square feet and holds 56 bottles (8 rows, 7 columns)  when leaving 12" spacing on top and bottom for aesthetics - costing of this system is roughly $1500 plus shipping. 

To maximize bottle capacity you could increase to 98 bottles (14 rows, 7 columns)  will be roughly $2000 plus shipping. 

FYI - The minimum space needed from top of panel/ceiling to center of top rod is 5.25" to allow for bottle movement and structural integrity of the panel.  This will still have roughly 2" reveal of the top panel.  




Example of Wine Wall - 29”w x 57”h back panel – 98 Bottle Capacity
Peg System - Wine Wall Installation Dimensions






The Connector Bolts are 35 mm 1 1/2" long.  They are no longer included with the WW12 pegs.  


Peg System - Wine Wall           Peg System - Wine Wall           Peg System - Wine Wall




Shipping costs will vary depending on size of order and size of the back panels.


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