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Custom Wine Cellar Designs

Modular Racking - Design It Yourself
If you want modular racking and want to create your own cellar layout, check out our Do It Yourself - Cellar Design Kit. We've included "to scale" size modules of the Modular racking and a grid to personalize for your own space.  Least Expensive Kit option.  Available in stackable heights. 

Click here to download a PDF with more information about designing your own cellar with Modular Kits.


Premier Cru/Village Kits - CAD layouts available, please inquire
Superior kit racking system in all heart redwood. 6ft & 7ft heights.   Best quality kit wooden wine racks available.  Request Rosehill to create your cellar layout.  Soon to be available in Sapele and Douglas Fir. 

Click Here for what we need to get us started.


Rosehill Designs Your Cellar
Have one of our designers work with you to create a cellar layout.  Custom, Premier Cru, Classic and Modular Redrack designs available.  If you would like Rosehill to design your wine cellar please

Click Here for what we need to get us started.


I want Rosehill to review what I've done
If you wanted work on your own wine cellar layout initially and then send to us for review we’d be happy to help.  Start designing from the corners inward. For Modular Redwood Racking the corner wine racks measure 19-1/2" from the corner along each wall. For Premier Cru this width measurement is 24 7/8” and for the Classic kits it is 28 ¼”  After you have placed the corners onto your plan, look at the remaining wall space available and see what other racks from the same series will fit.  Remember some racks can be cut easily to allow for customized fit in your space.  Once you've spent some time envisioning what you'd like in your cellar, we are always happy to provide a critique and our expertise. 


Wine Cellar Tips & Tricks
Are you looking to design and build your own Wine Cellar? If so, Rosehill Wine Cellars has many tips and tricks that will allow you to create the Wine Cellar of your dreams. We offer these tips readily, because our goal is to help provide you with the guidance necessary to make the best informed decisions and the most beautiful Wine Cellar for your home. Since each home is unique, there is no one set of rules when designing your Cellar. Due to the vast array of unique circumstances factors to be considered include size, location of the Wine Cellar and climate of the designated area. While each Wine Cellar will be distinctive because of these factors, there are still basic build requirements that remain the same and should be followed for optimal results. While a space may sometimes seem unsuitable to construct a Wine Cellar, there are often small add-ons or installations that can take place, in order to appropriately prep the space for construction. Once you and your contractor appropriately examine the conditions you have to work with, Rosehill can then help you along that extra mile to properly insulate your cellar, as well as design racking to suite your collecting style.

Watch your Wine Cellar as it begins to take shape in front of your very eyes. The next best thing will be stocking your Wine Cellar with your most prized wines from around the world.


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