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Floor Ceiling Mount Wine Racks

Floor Ceiling Mount Wine Racks

Do you love the VintageView Racks, but need to mount them in front of a wall made of glass, mirror, or uneven stone? These floor ceiling mount frames are your answer!

These frames can be adjusted to suit your ceiling height, and allow you to mount your VintageView racks in applications where wall mounting is not an option.

Ideal for restaurants & corporate environments where you want to showcase your wine. Also commonly used in home cellars where there is a lot of glass or stone in the cellar design.



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Vintage View


Mount our single, double or triple deep VintageView racking on one or both side of the Floor Ceiling mounting frames.

These are the RACKS to attach to the Floor/Ceiling Mount Frame.

Floor | Ceiling Mount Frames


Floor | Ceiling Mount Frames

Ideal for installation adjacent to glass walls.
Custom sizes available.

These are the FRAMES to allow for Floor/Ceiling Mount. 

Standard Height is 10ft however these can be custom cut on site to fit ceiling height. Taller sizes available.   

US $242.00

FCF Options


FCF Options

Various options for the Floor Ceiling Frames depending on how the racks will be installed.  

Racks installed on only one site, need backer bars.  Taller than 10ft ceiling, use the coupler extension or mount directly to the wall.  Angled walls, no problem. 

US $31.00


Do you have a beautiful feature wall that you want to show off? Or a full glass display that you are unable to mount wine racks on the wall directly?  Or uneven/stone wall surface so difficult to mount anything securely to the wall?    Then look no further than the Floor to Ceiling mount frames. These 10ft frames can be adjusted to fit your unique height requirements and allow you to mount the Vintage View racks right to them.

Choose from mounting either on one side of the frame or both, the Floor to Ceiling frames are perfect for showcasing your collection in a very unique way.

Offered in satin black and brushed aluminum, you can also choose special order finishes like chrome, golden bronze and gunmetal for an additional cost.

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