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Our Passion for Wine Cellars

stems directly from our passion for collecting fine wine.

"I discovered wine in David Lawrason's kitchen..."

Gary LaRose, President, Rosehill Wine Cellars

Gary LaRose, President of Rosehill Wine Cellars

Before I became a wine collector, which is to say, before I acquired the knowledge and confidence that leads to a passion (obsession) for cellaring wine, I was a young man remodeling kitchens who liked a glass with meals.

Sometime during the job of renovating David Lawrason's kitchen, (a highly regarded Canadian wine writer), I gained more knowledge and appreciation for the art and science or making, storing and serving the age-old beverage. Simply put, I fell in love with the stuff.

During that renovation, David's wife at the time, Shirley, was kind enough to prepare lunch for myself and my crew, and David himself would open a bottle of wine to accompany each meal. He was even so generous as to give me bottles to take home. In the days that followed he would ask my opinions of the wines.

My curiosity piqued, I attended David Lawrason's wine course later that year.  This was a popular program as David helped write and produce Wine Access Magazine, has been contributor to Globe & Mail, Toronto Lifeand currently involved with Wine Align online. 

The decision to take David’s course was a turning point in my life, and it was the first of many such courses in which I enrolled. The other participants that I met in these continuing education classes contributed immensely to my understanding and enjoyment of wine. We shared a real kinship in learning to taste and appreciate and even how to discuss the sublime experience of drinking wine. Their comments and opinions helped me to better appreciate the art of making, storing and serving this timeless beverage. Sharing the experience with others helps one to more thoroughly savour and enjoy these moments.

I learned that blending the right wine with the right food can create a sensual magic. Each medium serves to heighten the flavour and aroma of the other, and together they can transport us on a delectable journey through time and space. The importance of aroma in creating and evoking memories is well documented and I educated myself on the complexities of wine bouquet and how its interlinked with taste; I learned how merging good food with great wine can offer new sensory experiences.

It’s the very complexity of wine that makes it so enjoyable. The precious liquid has a life of its own that evolves inside each bottle from a rich diversity of variables: the type of grapes, the climate, the soils the vines grow in, viticultural and time-honoured wine-making processes, even (especially) the way it is stored, and of course how it is served. That is why winemaking is truly a fine art; it’s an inspired way of combining nature's disparate elements to create a unique masterpiece that appeals to all of our senses.

Something magical happens with the perfect pairing of good food and wine. The right match seems to heighten all other senses! Wine stimulates our immediate sensory inputs and triggers intellect and memory. Flavors and smells can bequeath new epicurean experiences. As I acquired more knowledge about wine, I also learned the importance of smell in tasting and appreciating wine and food. I also found the important link between our sense of smell and memory.

Wine is so enjoyable because of its underlying complexity. The complexity comes from the many variables in the process. It is a process, which starts with the vines, the soil and the climate and ends with storage and how the wine is served. For this reason, making fine wine is an art. It is an expression of human creativity.

Taking David Lawrason's wine course set me on the path to becoming a discriminating wine collector avidly pursuing my passion by establishing a diverse reserve of my favourite and most interesting fine wines. Like all wine enthusiasts everywhere, I wanted to establish a perfect space to showcase my collection.  Following my own passion is how Rosehill Wine Cellars first became involved in creating ideal custom wine cellars, wine rooms and other wine storage facilities that are both beautiful and practical ways to maintain your wine.

Sincerely, Gary LaRose

To find out more, contact us by calling toll Free: 1-888-253-6807 or 905-275-0979, emailing info@rosehillwinecellars.com,or visiting us at our west end Toronto (Mississauga) retail location. We are open from Monday to Friday 9-6 and 10-5 on Saturdays.

It will be our great pleasure to share our wine experiences with you.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
– Steve Jobs.

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