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Wine Cabinets

Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets and wine fridges are purpose-built wine refrigerators that offer significant advantages over regular refrigerators with respect to storing wine. Wine collectors know their vintages will taste better when served at temperatures that help human taste-buds properly experience the wine’s complexities. Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a wide range of wine cabinets and wine fridges from small home wine chiller units to large commercial wine storage systems. Our wide selection of wine coolers, wine cabinets and wine refrigerators in unmatched in the Canadian marketplace.  These are just some of the makes and models we have available at our store, or which we represent in Canada and the United States.

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EuroCave Wine Cabinets
EuroCave Wine Cabinets

EuroCave wine cabinets offer 1,2,3 and Multi-Temperature cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes and shelving configurations.  

Extreme climate conditions? Many of the EuroCave wine fridge cabinets are able to withstand temperatures from 0 to 35° Celsius.

Since the 1970's EuroCave has been a pioneer in the design & production of quality climate controlled cabinets, created specifically for wine






Wine CellR Cabinets
Wine CellR Cabinets

Wine CellR wine cabinets are practical, cost effective cabinets that are great for catering professionals or the new wine connoisseur. Metal and Stainless Steel.

Built-In or Free-Standing installation.

18 to 194 bottles.

Cavavin Wine Cabinets
Cavavin Wine Cabinets

Since 1981 Cavavin has been producing quality wine cabinets, initally in their Montreal factory, with recently many models now produced off shore. Cavavin offers affordable solutions for wine storage cabinets from 23-265 bottle capacity.   A variety of cabinets are available from Stainless Steel to Black Full Glass doors.   Beverage Centres or cabinets strictly for wine storage are also available,  Built-in or Free-Standing AND dual temperature zones available. 

Cavavin may be the right wine care solution for you.    



Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)
Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)

Vintage Keeper is the world's most economical wine cooler cabinet. Bottle storage from 110 to 500 bottles. There are four models and two different colors of this wine cooler to choose from. Available in your choice of Black or Mahogany. 

New Series called the Wine KoolR.  

Marvel Wine Cabinets
Marvel Wine Cabinets

Marvel Wine Refrigeration. 

Wine storage cabinets by Marvel are available in Professional, High Efficiency and Standard Efficiency.   

Under counter, built-in or stand-alone wine cabinets.  Stainless Steel and Overlay ready door panels for your cabinetry.   



Perlick Wine Refrigeration
Perlick Wine Refrigeration

Only Perlick offers multi-zone, built in, under-counter wine cabinets in 15", 24" & 48" wide configurations.  Also choose the configuration of your under counter refrigerated cabinet to best accommodate your entertaining needs: (Wine storage, fridge, freezer, or beer keg)

The 24" Signature cabinet is available in two bottle or one bottle (Shallow Depth) 

Also see the commercial 'C' series, 24" wide cabinets that are a bit less expensive than the Signature Series.

Liebherr - Built In Wine Fridges
Liebherr - Built In Wine Fridges

German manufacturer Liebherr is a worldwide recognized specialist in wine refrigeration technology. Liebherr wine fridge and wine cellar cooler units offer quality solutions for your wine storage problems and leader in environmentally responsible wine refrigeration

With a variety of wine cabinets to choose from - including built-in, free-standing, indoor, outdoor, beverage center cabinets & Cigar Humidor - you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

Howard Miller Wine Furniture
Howard Miller Wine Furniture

Read More About Howard Miller Wine Bar Furniture

Howard Miller wine bar furniture and wine cabinets represent the highest level of craftsmanship and elegance in wood wine room furnishings. Interior decorators often start with a Howard Miller cabinet and matching wine bar furniture and use that theme to set the style of the wine room.

The selection of wine cabinets on display in Rosehill Wine Cellars Mississauga showroom, the models on display are constantly changing.

Why do I need a wine fridge?

A wine fridge can serve two distinct purposes; they can be used for long term cellaring of wine, at which one temperature is good for both reds and whites for long term cellaring. Alternatively, a wine fridge can be adjusted to immediate serving temperature. If wine is stored at cellaring temperature, you may need to put white in the fridges and reds on the counter, but bring to ideal drinking temperature. If wine is in a cabinet designed for serving, then you wine is available immediately to drink but this may not be ideal is intending to keep bottles for the long term.

Wine connoisseurs know their vintages taste better when served at ideal temperatures. Everyday wine consumers who store their bottles in a regular fridge, by contrast, chill their white wines too much, at levels around 35° and drink their red wines at levels much too warm (as they are usually stored at a room temperature of 70°). Wine cabinets also offer security and protection from UV light and vibrations. In these respects, wine cabinets are essential for collectors without access to wine cellars.

Our wine cabinets range in size from larger cabinets ideal for long-term storage to small 6 bottle coolers which offer an affordable option for the novice collector. Please note that the smaller wine chillers are not be appropriate for long term cellaring and we no longer offer these "disposable" coolers. Professional quality storage generally starts range in the size of 25 bottles up to 600+ bottles.

Rosehill Wine Cellars offers a wide selection of wine cabinets, fridges and coolers to meet any need or application.

Why is a wine fridge better for storing wine than a normal fridge?

Wine fridges are racked to perfectly accommodate 750 ml wine bottles and to ensure their corks stay moist and their labels are easily viewed. Wine fridges allow users to set the exact perfect temperature and moisture to store wine. They are controlled spaces while normal fridges are often too cold for long term wine storage. Additionally, normal refrigerators have more ‘micro-vibrations’ associated with their cooling systems which can over time ruin wine by literally shaking the flavour out of the liquid.

What does Bottle Capacity really mean?

Bottle capacity for all of the different manufacturers should be based on standard 750mL Bordeaux Bottles. This allows for standardization of capacities; Bordeaux being the most streamlined and allow for maximum bottle storage. Actual bottle capacity may be less depending on the type of bottles loaded into your wine cabinet.

What Temperature should I set my Wine Cabinet?

Most collectors recommended setting your wine cabinet to 55-57 degrees for both red and white wine. For home use, a "dual temperature" cabinet may not be necessary. Dual temperature wine cabinets are most popular in restaurants or other commercial venues where it's more important to have your wine at immediate serving temperature.

Our wine refrigerators plug into standard household outlets, and do not require any plumbing attachments. In this way they can be easily moved for cleaning and remodeling. Most of the wine cabinets are free standing so they need air circulation at the back. We also carry front venting cabinets, and built-in wine coolers to accommodate within kitchen designs.

Rosehill Wine Cellars wine fridges are available in a variety of finishes and options. From solid oak, pine, or cherry to brushed stainless steel, there is surely something in our wine cooler selection that will suit the needs of every wine lover. The wood possibilities and options are unlimited depending on your specific design requirements
Want to place the cabinet in a hotter room? Most wine cabinets are designed to be placed in climate conditioned rooms, generally not exceeding 75 degrees, but please see individual manufacturer's recommendations. If you intend to put your cabinet in a hot environment, then you must get a cabinet rated for such needs.

Most wine cabinets are in stock for immediate delivery.

How long before wine goes bad in a wine fridge?

Wine is perishable food that oxidizes quickly and faster than most other substances. Placing your open bottle (re corked) in a wine fridge, which ensures it’s stored at optimal temperatures, will delay its expiry by arresting oxidation, but every hour / day that passes will diminish or soften the flavor and aroma of the vintage. After two days an ‘opened’ bottle of wine will have less tasting notes than when the vintage was first uncorked.

Do wine fridges use more electricity than normal fridges?

No. Generally speaking wine fridges use only half as much electricity as other ‘normal’ refrigerators. This is because they are not as cold as regular fridges and are smaller and more efficient and have less traffic (fewer door openings). Normal fridges keep food cold at much lower temperatures and require anywhere from 375 watts to 750 watts of electricity per hour while new model wine fridges consume less than 100 watts per hour.

How long does it take to cool down my wine in my new wine fridge?

Depends on how many bottles you are putting the cabinet and whether the bottles and fridge were cold to start. Please note that all wine cabinets should be left upright for 24 hours prior to plugging them in to allow the refrigerant to settle.

How long does it take to chill a bottle of wine in a refrigerator?

Three hours in a regular refrigerator. However, it’s important to note that wine fridges are not designed for short term storage and cooling before serving. When chilling a bottle of wine freshly purchased at the liquor store, hours before a meal, the regular refrigerator might be a better choice because it’s set a little colder. Wine fridges and wine cabinets are economical solutions to wine cellars which are made to store wine at consistent chilly temperatures for long periods of time.

How to Choose a Wine Fridge?

Eurocave schematics for wine cabinet for sale in Rosehill Wine Cellars’ Mississauga showroomWhile building a basement or attic wine cellar can be a wonderful way to store and display your prized vintages, urban collectors often lack suitable space for such dedicated climate-controlled rooms. You may not be able to put a cellar in your condominium, but you can keep bottles for the long term in a purpose-built wine fridge.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars, we have a wide selection of wine refrigerators to meet your long-term wine storage need, or short-term event refrigeration needs. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, wine refrigerators allow urban aficionados to preserve and store their growing collections in the comfort of their own homes.

Whether a small, home wine chiller or a larger commercial refrigerating system, Rosehill's Wine Refrigerators are designed to provide the collector with the perfect glass of wine. While ensuring your satisfaction, any issues that may arise will most likely be handled under manufacturers' warranty. Offering a variety of Wine Refrigerators and Refrigerating Systems from a variety manufacturers Rosehill Wine Cellars is the ideal place to source out your refrigerating needs. A Wine Refrigerator is a serious investment and we are here to help.

Can mold grow in a wine fridge?

Yes. Mold can be imported into a wine fridge on wine bottles.  This happens when a moldy wine bottle is placed into a humid wine cabinet. The condition can be exacerbated by excess moisture inside the box. When mold is present, here’s how to remove it:

  • Clean all the bottles with mild soapy water (wipe labels with a dry clean cloth).
  • Clean the interior of the unit and dry every surface. 
  • Change the charcoal filter. 
  • Poor some water down the drain to ensure it’s not clogged (check the plastic reservoir bin in the back to ensure the water arrives, and then empty it ) 
  • Inspect any wood or paper material present in the unit to ensure it doesn’t have mold stains (bottle labels, the sides of shelves and the back of shelves, etc. ) 
  • If stains are present, clean, and if required, replace parts, or reseal them. 
  • Additionally, check the movement of the door to ensure sure it closes properly. 
  • Inspect the door gasket, try to squeeze a credit card between the door and box ( it should be difficult to push it in ). 
  • It would be a good idea to have a portable hygrometer to check the humidity level in the room and in the unit from time to time to make sure it’s well below 80% ( The ideal is around 70% inside the unit, in a room that’s about 50% ).
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